May 18, 2024

#UnboxingDay! Fleet Commander: Nimitz, 2nd Edition by DVG

Michael Eckenfels, 15 October 2020 ~ #UnboxingDay

The original Fleet Commander: Nimitz (FCN1) was released back in 2014. I reviewed it back in the day and while it was heavy and had a lot of randomness, I really enjoyed the game. I liked the randomness because it meant very few games would be played the same.

DVG just came out with a second edition of this game (FCN2) that has incorporated some new major tweaks to the system, as well as some expansions to this base game. I’ve read up on the updates, which include the Allied player (i.e., you) no longer needing to pay Supply Points to move ships around the map. I thought it would be good to give you guys a peek at this one.

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The box is as hefty as the original!



The back of the box.



Opening it up, there’s a nice big blank space. Hmm…



Ahh, I see. It’s an insert. Most likely it’s there to give support to the box but would be replaced if one adds the expansions to the box. (I do not have the expansions, but hopefully those will cross my desk sooner or later.)



Hey, a die! D10! One lonely d10 all by itself in such a big box.



The rule book looks like it’s pretty standard DVG fare; lots of color and examples.


The mounted map in all its glory. You might note the information tables at right are a bit different if you’re familiar with FCN1. That’s because here in FCN2, the Japanese actions are controlled, I think, by supply. Low supply means they don’t act too aggressively; high supply, though, and they’re coming for the Hawaiian Islands.



A close-up of the map area around Japan.



A close-up of the Coral Sea area.



The Island map, where tactical battles are fought. I’ve heard the procedures at the bottom of this map have also been tweaked.



The Campaign Set-Up sheets as well as the photocopy-able Player Log.



And 16 SHEETS OF COUNTERS. Holy crapola. I’m a bit confused because the back of the box says eight sheets, not 16. Might just be a typo…



A close-up of the major Japanese carriers.



And a close-up of the major Allied carriers.

Tune in next time for when I get this to the table and put it through its paces. Thanks for reading!

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