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#UnboxingDay! D-Day at Omaha

Billy Riley, 19 November 2020 ~ #UnboxingDay

I have a solo game called RAF: Battle of Britain. It’s a cracking game. The ruleset makes the game extremely easy to pick up and play.
Somehow, in my travels to find other un-needed games, I stumbled across D-Day at Omaha Beach. It caught my eye because it was one of a series of games using the same system – and that always interests me because it means there’s less to do when switching between games.
However, on looking at a video of it and checking out images on Boardgamegeek, I couldn’t help but think it looked very daunting. It left my radar.

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That was until a month or so later, I noticed it was made by Decision Games. “Hold on” I thought…“I have a game by that company”. A light went on. I went rooting through my meagre collection and found RAF:Battle of Britain. That piqued my interest in the game again.

Then I noticed that the designer of RAF:Battle of Britain (John Butterfield) was the same designer for D-Day at Omaha Beach and that was me sold. His rules for RAF were that good…even though this looked daunting, I had every faith the rules would meet my expectations.

It is now in my collection, and here it is – it’s unboxing…letting the components breathe for the first time.

Box Art

DDO-Unbox-1 Box Front
The box art displays the organised pandemonium that was the landings at Omaha Beach. Nice art. Looks good.

Box – Rear

DDO-Unbox-2 Box Rear
The back of the box shows some blurb on the game – and will you look at that…the designer was behind the much-praised Ambush!  It also shows there are 3 scenarios and gives you a list of the components



DDO-Unbox-7 Rules
There’s a 40 page colour rule book. It’s thick paper. I haven’t read it yet – but I am holding the faith.

There’s plenty of colour examples in the book. I don’t see any detailed example of play – but then RAF didn’t have one either and it played a treat.

There are Optional Historical Variants mentioned at the end for you to consider when playing.


Paying Cards

DDO-Unbox-3 Playing Cards
There are 55 of these and they are used to help the game flow…the AI essentially.

These are what the playing cards look like.

DDO-Unbox-4 Playing Cards 2
The top section is the Landing Outcomes, the middle section lists Events and the lower section determines the German Fire.


Dice & Baggies


Addendum Mag

What’s this? A nice little 15 page glossy booklet laying out the timeline of the Omaha landings. It lays out the invasion plan, the battleground, German defences and has a big two page map of the D-Day beaches – all of them. It then goes on to give a timeline of events for the day going from 06:25 through to 13:00 and then a small section on 13:00 – 18:00.

This is really interesting and a very nice addition.


Player Aid Cards

There are 3 double sided Player Aid Cards giving you quick access to important information. These are thin card and I will be getting them laminated as I have done with my RAF cards – because they get used – a lot.


Counter Sheets

There are two counters sheets. They’re not huge and there’s a lot of info on them – but I’ll get by.


Mounted Map Board

And the Map. It’s mounted and lays out the Omaha Beach area. You can see how it would put people off. There is a hell of a lot going on there – but I have heard it said that it really isn’t as daunting as it looks and once you understand the AI – which is by most accounts fairly sleek – you will see the map in a different light.

It has a time track along the top, places for playing cards and also some additional info.

DDO-Unbox-21 Map


I have to admit – even though I haven’t played this system, on the back of John Butterfield and RAF:Battle of Britain, I also bought D-Day at Peleliu and D-Day at Tarawa. I’m that confident I will enjoy it.

Thanks for joining this month’s #UnboxingDay with the Armchair Dragoons and we hope you enjoyed our recon of our recent acquisitions.
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