February 25, 2024

#UnboxingDay – D-Day at Peleliu by Decision Games

Billy Riley, 21 October 2021 ~ #UnboxingDay

This game is designed by the man who was responsible for the very excellent RAF:Battle of Britain. On the back of that, I bought D-Day at Omaha and this – D-Day at Peleliu. I also have D-Day at Tarawa which I will unbox sometime in the future.

I like to collect games using similar systems to help absorb the rules.

Box Art
The front of the box shows 1st Marine Division assaulting the beach at Peleliu


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The back of the box gives some info on the contents of the box



There’s a 40 page colour rule book. It’s thick plain paper. It’s fairly small text tbh but spaced out well and a fair few images. There’s also an excellent, comprehensive index at the front.



The back has a list of Japanese Fire Actions for the two scenarios – Invasion and Bloody Nose Ridge



The centrefold shows typically the layout – which is nice and spacious – but a bit small on the font size


The rule book is spattered with images on the game – examples and explanations – and also images from the conflict.


There are 2 counter sheets. Standard stock cardboard. There’s not a whole lot of counters. 352 I think but only half make up the US/Japanese forces. Enough, I guess, to simulate the conflict.

Player Aid Cards
There are 3 double sided Player Aid Cards and a single sided Player Aid Card giving you quick access to important information. These are thin, plain card and I will be getting them laminated because they get used – a lot.


Campaign Analysis
This is a very interesting magazine – glossy white paper – detailing aspects of the conflict – how the Japanese had terrible defensive structure that the US learned to demolish. It’s 15 pages – and no – I don’t know why the page numbers are 33 to 48.


Playing Cards
There are 55 event cards that help drive the process along.



Mounted Map Board
The mounted map is beautiful. It’s very sturdy hard board and folded. Excellent layout and very detailed.



I have another John Butterfield game that I have played and enjoyed immensely before – RAF:Battle of Britain. This made me purchase D-Day Normandy, D-Day Tarawa and also this one. I’m really looking forward to getting this on the table – I really loved RAF:Battle of Britain – and it may actually make me clear away Fields of Fire that’s been on my table for more than a month so I can get some assault action.

Thanks for joining us for #UnboxingDay this month with the Armchair Dragoons and we hope you got your rocks off ogling our new toys.
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