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#UnboxingDay – Kasserine by TS Wargames

Billy Riley, 18 March 2021 ~ #UnboxingDay

This is the second of the games I bought from TS. I bought them at the same time so didn’t really know what to expect.

I’ve given you a heads up on Market Garden – so here’s what’s in the box of Kasserine 1943.

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Box Art

Well – unlike Market Garden – at least this cover relates to the area of operations.


Box – Rear

This is the same kind of box as Market Garden and like that game the rear of this box has a brief description on the back relating to the battle and an image of the battlefield. Oddly, where Market Garden had the description in Polish, Belgian and French this has the description in Polish, Italian and Spanish!



So the rules that came with the game were in Polish only. There were no English rules. When I contacted the developer, they pretty quickly responded – but it was a link to the English rules – so I had to print them out myself. I needn’t have bothered though – because they are the exact same as the rules for Market Garden – so this is their core system and their games will have scenario specific rules. Not a bad idea.


Scenario Booklet

There was no scenario booklet with this. Either they haven’t packed it (possible given the omission of the English manual) or it doesn’t have one and simply uses the core system. I haven’t contacted them so I will do.


Player Aids

There were no player aid cards with this game either…I’m starting to think that they have screwed the pooch on this one and not included the core stuff.



Again, the dice were tiny


Counter Sheets

Also, again – rather disappointingly the first counter sheet is simply “strong” glossy paper. These counters are for things like entrenchment, disruption etc. Also, it literally just fits in the box and you’re almost breaking the box trying to get your fingers onto it to take it out.


These are disappointing.

There is only one other counter sheet. Is that all? Have they omitted a counter sheet? I have no idea – but I will be asking the question.

They are nice looking – I like the style. They are 15mm in size and clear enough.



There are two maps – one depicting the western edge of the battlefield and one depicting the eastern side. The total map area is 37” x 26”.


The maps are really nice. I do like the style.



In Summary

So – again it’s a budget game. But the components – apart from the rubbish counter sheet – are pretty good quality. However – the packing of this item has seriously let them down. I’m not entirely convinced they simply won’t refer me to a page to download the missing components. Fine – I can print and laminate – but not everyone can do this.

If you want a decent quality, cheap game…it’s here and this company does them. However buyer beware – it would seem that their quality process lets them down a bit.

‘Sup to you.

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