April 18, 2024

#UnboxingDay! ~ Last Stand The Battle for Moscow 1941-42 by Multi-Man Publishing

Billy Riley, 16 December 2021 ~ #UnboxingDay

Looking at my small hoard of boardgames, I realised I had not operational games for the Eastern Front, and I decided to fix that problem. Scouting around and asking in the forums, I found this – a game representing Operation Typhoon and it seemed to fit the bill. Moscow was involved, defending Soviet hordes and an onslaught of German units. Let’s see what’s in the box.

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Box Art


Comrades in arms. Soviet soldier, partisan, what looks like a sailor? and a female – to show that everyone was involved in the defence of the Motherland.


Box – Rear


As always, the back gives a representation of the map and units, along with data on the contents of the box and the details of the game showing 3 scenarios





The manual is 28 pages – 25 as rules. There’s not a lot of graphics here, so get yer reading glasses on. It’s glossy paper and decent sized font though.


The back has a sequence of play


There’s plenty of colour examples in the book. I don’t see any detailed example of play – but then RAF didn’t have one either and it played a treat. There are Optional Historical Variants mentioned at the end for you to consider when playing. 


Player Aid Cards

2 of these – double sided and identical. One side shows the Combat Results Table and modifiers, and the other shows some tables containing rule pointers and a weather table


Scenario Cards

1 double sided card has The Last Stand Reinforcements list and the other has the Setup info for Scenario 2 – The Winter Counter Offensive


Counter Sheets

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There’re one and a half counters sheets. They’re not huge – ½ inch – and not my cup of tea (size wise). But the game setting was the swinger – not the size of the counters


Map Sheet

Not mounted – but a nice looking map I think. They’ve obviously fitted the information they wanted to display on the map as best they could…but it’s going to make it awkward to read because I can see (given the map is the correct orientation) text in 4 separate directions. That’s going to be a challenge.


There are also two dice with the game – 1 6 sided and 1 10 sided.

I’m excited for this one. I can see fortification lines on the map so I can feel the brutality oozing from it.


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