June 22, 2024

#UnboxingDay ~ Last Eagles: Quatre Bras 1815 by Hexasim

Billy Riley, 21 December 2023 ~ #UnboxingDay

This is the second game I have on the Napoleonic era – both from Hexasim – and they are excellent quality. 

I have no idea on this era…this is new to me.

This one focuses on The Battle of Quatre Bras in 1815.

Box Art

Some gentleman riding horses

unbox qb 1

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The back of the box gives you an idea of the counters and map as well as details of the game. It’s a regimental scale with a medium complexity rating and medium to high solitaire suitability.

unbox qb 2


The Manuals

The game comes with 2 manuals. One is the Series Rules and the other is the scenario specific rules, scenario information and notes.


Strategic Cards

These add some additional flavour during play

unbox qb 15



The counters for these games are just a work of art, and pre-rounded


Player Aid Cards

The player aid cards are excellent quality and in colour. They have some key information you will find useful during game play.


Setup and Orders Maps

These help you setup and keep track of orders issued. I’m not fully aware of the game play so I can’t explain fully what they’re used for.


Setup and Reinforcement Cards

These show you exactly what formations are present in each of the scenarios as well as any reinforcements due.


The Map

It is a beautiful map and the graphics kind of set the theme for the game. It’s 24” x 33” but there is a smaller strip of map and I’m not sure of the reason for that – maybe an extension to the main map which would make sense given the size of this second map strip which are 9” x 33”

If it is an extension to the main map, then that would make the total map area 33” x 33”.


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