April 14, 2024

#UnboxingDay! ~ Monty’s Gamble by Multi-Man Publishing

Brant Guillory, 16 December 2021 ~ #UnboxingDay

A recent MMP-sale acquisition, Monty’s Gamble is an accessible full-campaign game of the entirety of Operation Market-Garden, without the complexity of more detailed monster games.

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First things first…  this is the only time I’ve ever gotten a game that was double-shrinkwrapped.  Seriously.  After peeling off the first layers of shrink, you can see the second layer of shrink under it.



That’s a nice cover



The usual details.



Everything in the box, including 4 countersheets in 3 different sizes.


A clear rule-book, with most of the illustrations toward the back in the scenario details.


Nice scenario cards.  I like the ability to lay out all the counters on the cards as a part of the setup so you have them all in the right place when it’s time to use them.


Countersheet details



Does anyone know why MMP includes blank sheets of paper?  Anyway, there’s also an info slip of paper, and some dice.


Map & details.  It’s an area map, so Cyrano already hates it.  But it’s got most of the useful play info around the margins, and facing in both directions so players can use them on their own sides of the map.


Thanks for joining this month’s #UnboxingDay with the Armchair Dragoons and we hope you enjoyed our recon of our recent acquisitions.
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