April 18, 2024

#UnboxingDay! Paths of Glory by GMT Games

Billy Riley, 17 March 2022 ~ #UnboxingDay

I don’t have a WWI game. Well – I didn’t. I was wracking my brains trying to work out which one I could get. I remember seeing this on Board Game Geek and – as I always do – checked out the Geek Market and there was one in the UK.

I decided to get it – knowing that it’s not really my thing. Area movement. Card driven. Both things I generally don’t buy – but I read some good things about it and it’s highly thought of in the WWI genre. Indeed it’s No.1 on a WWI Geeklist.

Also, if there’s one thing I’ve found out about myself since I was bitten by this hobby is that I do like to buy games I generally wouldn’t look at!

I haven’t played it yet because I’m waiting on my pre-order of CDG Solo System.

Anyway – I did – and here’s what was in the box. Remember it’s second hand

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Box Art


Seems like a WWI game to me


The back of the box shows the map area and – as always – gives details of the game. Complexity is medium and solitaire is high – both good indicators for me.



Rule Book

The rule book is plain paper and black and white. 17 pages are a nice surprise too. The text is quite small and is not the normal 2 column you often see from GMT Games. This is 3 column pages and – as I said – a bit small.

The last page has setup information



Player Aids

There are two player aids – one double sided


Additional Rule Book

The guy that sold it to me had included a manual he had printed. It’s a newer version, in a larger font and two column format – so much appreciated.



As I state, this is a Card Driven Game (CDG). It has two sets of cards – Central Powers and Allied. These help drive the war along for both sides



There don’t seem to be a huge amount – but then it is a strategic wargame. As I said, this is a used copy, so they were already punched – though I can see they need some TLC from my Oregon Counter Clipper




The map that comes with the game is paper. The one the guy sent me with the game had been cut up and laminated to protect it. Whilst I appreciated the effort, it didn’t really suit my “aesthetic” requirements…so I ordered the mounted map board. It is actually quite an attractive piece and really does quite ooze WWI era.



I have heard there’s a second print coming – special edition with a mounted map.


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