June 24, 2024

#UnboxingDay ~ Reality Shift from Apollo Games/Academy Games

RockyMountainNavy, 18 August 2022 ~ #UnboxingDay

Remember the Lightcycle scene from the original TRON movie? If you loved that scene you should be all-in to play the new Reality Shift from Apollo Games, an imprint of Academy Games that recently fulfilled its Kickstarter campaign.

OK, Reality Shift is not a recreation of the Lightcycle scenes from TRON, but it certainly seems inspired by it. As the Kickstarter ad copy promoted, Reality Shift is a fast-paced 3D racing & battle boardgame set in a retro virtual reality world. The racetrack is made of large 64mm magnetic cubes whose facings have different paths on them.”

IMG 3149
Looks like a Lightcycle… (Photo by RMN) click images to enlarge


IMG 3150
…but these Lightcycles go 3-D (Photo by RMN)


Indeed, the key element of play in Reality Shift is a gameboard composed of cubes that have metal sides that your Lightcycles travel along, even hanging off the sides. Every turn you use use a Speed Die and Action Cards to race from the Start to the End. One of your actions is to “shift reality” by rolling or moving those cubes to form a new racetrack. You can also claim Checkpoints that give you a different location to “respawn” after you are (inevitably) crushed by your opponent as they shift cubes.

IMG 3153
Reality Shift components (Photo by RMN)


The rules for Reality Shift are quick to learn and each game lasts 20-30 minutes. Reality Shift has an incredible table presence and simply looks awesome during play!

IMG 3156
Can you find the Green Cycle? This was just before I got “crushed” as Yellow rolled the cube over on me… (Photo by RMN)


My Kickstarter copy is actually Reality Shift Deluxe which has bonus cubes and rules for different racing challenges. We’ll get around to playing those eventually, but for now basic Reality Shift is good enough!


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