June 18, 2024

#UnboxingDay ~ Salerno ‘43 from GMT Games

Billy Riley, 21 December 2023 ~ #UnboxingDay

This is a series of games I’ve been interested in by the designer Mark Simonitch. I absolutely love Holland ’44 and have several others – this was a no brainer. I love the system.

Box Art

Love the art work

unbox s43 1

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The back of the box gives you an idea of the counters and map as well as details of the game. It’s also of medium complexity and medium solitaire suitability.

unbox s43 2


The Rule Book

It’s standard paper stock and comes in at 32 pages total. The rules, including Optional Rules take up 22 pages with the rest being made up of the two scenarios, hints, designer notes, etc…

It’s two column and in colour and seems well laid out.


The Counters

There’s only one sheet of counters…this isn’t a monster game.


Player Aid Cards

There are two fold out player aid cards which are great quality


Mission Setup Cards

There are 2 setup cards, one for the Germans for the Campaign and Avalanche scenarios and one double sided one for the Allies for the same scenarios – showing two different setups.



The map is a reasonably small affair – 25.5” by 22”. This isn’t a huge game but it certainly looks challenging with many choke points for the defenders to hold off the Allies


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