May 21, 2024

The 5th Anniversary of the Mustering of the Dragoons

Armchair Dragoons PAO, 31 August 2023


We officially opened the doors on our site on 31 August 2018.  Since then, it’s been

  • Over 1300 articles on our site
  • Over 120 podcast episodes
  • 5 digital wargaming conventions (plus an RPG one!)
  • 4 digital professional conferences
  • 4 Origins Wargame HQs, plus a few BGFs and a MACE
  • Almost 100,000 posts in our forums across 4800+ topics
  • And over 200 episodes of Saturday Night Fights

So, to celebrate, we’re holding a live happy hour at 9pm US-Eastern

Lots of friends!
Lots of fun!
Lots of beer?

See you on the show!


Thank you for visiting The Armchair Dragoons and mounting up with the Regiment of Strategy Gaming.
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You can support The Armchair Dragoons through our Patreon, also, and find us at a variety of conventions and other events.
Feel free to talk back to us either in our discussion forum, or in the comments below.

In a cozy den where wargamers convene,
Armchair Dragoons turned five, oh how keen!
With battles on boards,
And strategies explored,
They’ve conquered each virtual scene.
Their community strong, hearts ablaze,
Five years of gaming in myriad ways.
With camaraderie rare,
And tactics laid bare,
Armchair Dragoons’ spirit forever stays!

Armchair Dragoons PAO

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4 thoughts on “The 5th Anniversary of the Mustering of the Dragoons

  1. I think your ‘Mentioned in Dispatches’ podcasts are the best I’ve heard over the years. Brant is a very good speaker who always strives to keep the conversation from bogging down. Having three or more participants also helps to keep things lively. I’ve tried other podcasts over the years, but I can’t listen to one guy droning on for an hour or more by himself, even if the topic interests me.
    Of the 120+ podcasts you’ve done, I’ve listened to most, and I would say a good two dozen were on subjects that really interested me. And I only started listening about a year ago.

    Happy Anniversary.

    1. thank you very much for those kind comments. The podcasts are a blast and we really enjoy them. Coming back in a few weeks with season 11!

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