July 17, 2024

Saturday Night Fights! Have Yourself an Austerlitz!

Mandatory Napoleonic minis for the weekend that HMGS tried to jump in front of our own online convention (next weekend). Here’s Austerlitz, with the Blücher rules.

Don’t forget to check out the Saturday Night Fights sub-forum on our site, where you can discuss what’s coming up, make requests for games, and maybe even set up your own TTS session with someone.


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2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Fights! Have Yourself an Austerlitz!

  1. If you’re referring to my game (The Forlorn Hope scenario from Song of Drums and Shakos), there’s no comparison as mine is a skirmish game with just a few figures on each side,

    1. Nope – we were making fun of the fact that HMGS tried to pre-empt our convention by scheduling the week before ours, even though we announced ours first.

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