October 4, 2023

Saturday Night Fights ~ The Battle of Waterloo (IV) for “Valour and Fortitude”!

There once was a group, quite profound,
Whose game nights were always renowned,
Around Waterloo they’d meet,
Their battles so sweet,
But time seemed to never be found.

With dice rolls and rulebooks galore,
They’d strategize, eager for more,
Hours turned into days,
In gaming’s endless maze,
The Battle of Waterloo they’d explore.

Napoleon’s troops marched left and right,
Wellington plotted through the night,
But our gamers, oh dear,
Took ages, it’s clear,
For victory to come into sight.

Turns were analyzed with great care,
Their deliberation filled the air,
Each move was debated,
While time dissipated,
The outcome they hardly could bear.

Days turned into weeks, so absurd,
Still no victor could be heard,
The Battle of Waterloo,
Never seemed to be through,
Those gamers, they loved each word.

So if you join a gaming fray,
Where Waterloo’s the game of the day,
Beware the tabletop crew,
With their endless ado,
Time’s fleeting, it may slip away!



Don’t forget to pop in the Saturday Night Fights sub-forum on our site, where you can see what’s coming up and make requests for games. Plenty of the Dragoons are setting up all sorts of games, all the time.



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