April 23, 2024

10 Days Until Our Next Online Convention – Tuesday Newsday 1/5/21

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This Week’s Headline:

There’s still plenty of availability for some great events at The ACDC in 10 days.  As of press time, every one of these still has at least 2 seats at the virtual table open (most are multiplayer games, too)

  • By Stealth & Sea with David Thompson
  • Conflict of Heroes: France 1940 (multiple events) with Uwe Eickert
  • Epic Battle of Bastogne (M’44) with Cyrano
  • Et Sans Résultat with designer David Ensteness
  • Freeblades with the DGS Games team (multiple events)
  • World at War ’85 – Storming the Gap with the LNLP team
  • This War Without Enemy with designer Scott Moore
  • Lock ‘n Load Tactical with developer Stéphane Tanguay

Registration is all of $3 and gets you access to all the games you can cram into your schedule, plus some great seminars and happy hour events.

Newly Released This Week:


News From The Wargame Industry:


Newly Launched This Week:

  • Decision has pledges open for North African Campaign, which claims “there is no paperwork or data tracking in this update of the SPI classic”.  This, of course, begs the question of “”why bother?!”
  • After announcing it in the holiday catalog, Compass Games is now taking pledges on their Kickstarter campaign for No Motherland Without as you play out the Nork regime in crisis.
  • Decision Games is also still taking pledges on Corrupt Bargain, a game about the 1824 US election, in which 4 different candidates got Electoral College votes, and no one got a majority.
  • Nuts! Publishing are still taking preorders on 300: Earth & Water, and you can take the game for a test-drive at The ACDC.
  • TS Wargames are taking preorders on their new Zealand 1985, about a Warsaw Pact attack on Denmark in, get this…  1985!


New from the Dragoons:

In case you missed it – we’ve relaunched the main page on our site with a whole new layout & format!  We’re revamping and expanding some of the article offerings, too, so stay tuned!


Something From Our Partners:


The Professional Wargaming World:


This Week on Six Degrees of Radio:

A look at some great music from the past 40-odd years, with stories about the different songs.


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