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Get Out The Vote! – Tuesday Newsday 3 November 2020

Yep, it’s #TuesdayNewsday and here’s what’s happening in wargaming this week  >>>

This Week’s Headline:

Seriously, get out The Vote, the new game from Hollandspiele.
(see what they did there?)


Newly Released This Week:

  • guidelinesLegion Wargames is now shipping A Splendid Little War.
  • SJG’s shipping the new Munchkins & Mazes.
  • GMT’s got 6 different p500 games they’re busy shipping.  So many, that the “shipping October 19-30” dates on their website seem to be more ‘guidelines’ than hard dates.


Newly Launched This Week:

  • From the “Department of Things That Went Live 30 Minutes After Last Week’s News Update” UGG has a new WWI game on Kickstarter called The Longest Trench
  • Decision Games has updated a whole bunch of their upcoming pledge games, including several solitaire games.
  • Feed The Kraken gives you some ‘secret mission’ mechanics on the high seas, with some very nice-looking sculpts.
  • Flint & Feather Contact gives you minis rules for skirmish games in 17th century North America, with a bunch of figures to go with them.
  • Want to get your inner spy on?  Phantom Doctrine is here for your espionage gaming needs. Variable tile-based map, and a lot of different agents to choose from.
  • 6mm samurai?  Sure!  Figures, rules, terrain – all in one package.


New from the Dragoons:


News From The Wargame Industry:


The Professional Wargaming World:


Something From Our Partners:

  • Moe checks out An Attrition of Souls from Compass Games.  He also dives into the Alien RPG from the Free League guys.
  • Ardwulf hit 3000 subscribers!  He’s celebrating with a giveaway.  He also dug into Tranquility Base from Worthington.
  • Dan interviews Ryan Hellman about White Eagle Defiant.
  • RMN compares history to the board game in Koenigsberg, or he would if there were designer’s notes.


This Week on Six Degrees of Radio:

A look at some great music from the past 40-odd years, with stories about the different songs.


That’s all for this week!
Be sure to drop by our forums and join the fun, and next Tuesday we’ll drop some more news on you.

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