June 24, 2024

Just another week of wargaming – Tuesday Newsday 18 August 2020

Yep, it’s #TuesdayNewsday and here’s what you should care about in wargaming this week  >>>

This Week’s Headline:

There’s no “ohmigawd this is THE STORY” headline this week.  However, we do have our next #UnboxingDay coming up on Thursday 8/20, so keep a lookout for that.


Newly Released This Week:

Counter sample from Objective Munich, with a civilian refugee counter whose artwork looks a LOT like the pedestrian warning signs you see on highways in Southern California.


Newly Launched This Week:


New from the Dragoons:

  • #UnboxingDay is Thursday 8/20!
  • Design x Dragoons is working on expanding the panel a little bit, so give us another week or so to get spun back up.
  • Saturday Night Fights tackled the Battle of Gaugamela.
  • A special Wednesday Night Warfare went back to the Scharnhorst campaign rules for Blücher.
  • My Own Worst Enemy has wrapped up Don’t Tread on Me but will have something new coming soon.
  • We’re going to be building our recording schedule for the fall season of our Mentioned in Dispatches podcast soon.  If you’ve got requests or thoughts, drop us a line in the forum!


News From The Wargame Industry:


The Professional Wargaming World:


Something From Our Partners:


This Week’s Mashup:

After trying to embed 2 different mashups this week, the whole “not allowed to embed” thing is getting frustrating…

  1. So here’s a link to the first one, which is a better fit than you thought possible.
  2. And here’s a link to the attempted replacement, which are two roughly-contemporary songs that no one would’ve ever thought to put together.

We might have to re-think this whole weekly mashup thing if the embeds are going to continue to fail.

That’s all for this week!
Be sure to drop by our forums and join the fun, and next Tuesday we’ll drop some more news on you.

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