April 23, 2024

The Wargaming “Community” – #TuesdayNewsday 2/8/22

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It’s interesting that the wargaming “community” is often lacking those last 5 letters.  And yet, over the past 5 years, even with the pandemic forcing us all into hiding, the combination of worldwide digital conventions, weekly/monthly media productions, and the increase in wargamers creating / sharing content seem to have ‘shrunk’ the world a bit as there have been more rallying points for the hobby.
Ardwulf’s counter clipping show is a staple of Monday nights, drawing at least 100 simultaneous viewers on a regular basis.  Moe’s Whiskey Charlie show does the same on Tuesdays, albeit monthly.  Our own #UnboxingDay is a huge high-traffic day for us.  The GUWS seminar series for the practitioners often results in just as much meaningful side-chatter as the formal presentations.  Saturday Night Fights doesn’t bring in a big live crowd, but the replays can run into the thousands.
Rather than the ‘family reunion’ feel of the Summer game convention season, we’re in touch with so many more fellow wargamers all year long that we don’t need to hold out until conventions to ‘hang out’ with each other.  The Dragoons host a weekly Monday happy hour that frequently includes wargamers from Europe.  SDHISTCON has pulled together some happy hours to put their convention server to use.  CSW has a Wednesday night chat on their Discord server that brings in a bunch of people.  And the Venn diagram overlaps of all of these audiences keeps getting more and more converged as the community continues to coalesce.

What does this mean long-term?  Who knows.  Maybe we’re all allowed to run free again by the Summer and a bunch of these community-building ‘events’ fall away as we start hanging out at the FL(W)GS again.  Maybe they stick around as they’re part of people’s weekly rhythms.  What is indisputable is that our awareness of the global breadth of the wargaming hobby has exploded exponentially.  What do we do with it?  Who knows.  What do you guys think?

The Other Headline

Still looking for more people to help us load up the entries for the FL(W)GS feature. That online form is still there for you to give us the info about the store, and a way to contact you for follow-up questions if we have any. (And store owners / managers: it’s still totally OK to submit your own stores!  This is about building the directory, and it’s OK to promote yourself)





  • Matrix Games gettin’ medieval on yo’ ass!  It’s Field of Glory II Medieval week, and discounts up to 50% off
  • Worthington Games big pre-order deal going is due into the warehouse any day now and after we just talked about both Worthington, and Civil War wargaming on this week’s podcast, we thought we’d call this one back to your attention.
  • Paradox has rebuilt their website, and the sales are no longer collected onto a single page. Ugh.
  • S&T’s game-edition magazine sale this week is World at War #30, with Hinge of Fate





Slow week here…





  • Columbia Games have a new PDF catalog you can download. It’s free, but you still have to go thru adding it to your shopping cart, registering for the site, and then “purchasing” it, instead of just a link to the PDF from the site.  It’s almost like they don’t want you to actually look at the catalog; they just want you to know it’s there.
  • Avalanche Press’ daily content series is obviously geared toward driving sales of their games, but this historical articles are a lot of fun.  Here’s a look at the Russian armored cruisers of the Russo-Japanese War, and France’s monster tank of WW2
  • Wargame Design Studio has an update on the Civil War Battles series
  • Man…  over 80 (EIGHTY!) weeks into various lockdowns around the world, and the Battlefront Minis “share your hobby” series is still going on, with galleries of minis from across the globe (and for you flat-earthers, from under the planet, too)

Don’t forget!







Don’t forget we’ve got a dedicated area of our forums for the professional wargamers.


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