April 14, 2024

Kicking Off Origins – #TuesdayNewsday 6/7/22

Each week, #TuesdayNewsday does the rounds of the strategy gaming world to unearth what’s important


We’re going to be at Origins starting this week.  Brant had a chat with Ardwulf about what’s happening at Origins this year


If you’re looking for the details on our events at the Wargame HQ, we covered a bunch of it this past week – detailed event descriptions, event times & numbers, and the off-the-books games we’re planning to slip in somewhere

And the maps for the show?  Got ’em!

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part of the Firelock Storming Party set from Warlord Games

















We’ve also got a 4X-specific area in the forums to discuss any of these, too.

  • Publisher Slitherine/Matrix released the Escalation Pack for Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War, developer Proxy Studios’ superlative turn-based 4x wargame set on the titular planet of Gladius Prime.  The new DLC is accompanied by the free 1.10.00 update, which mostly adds bug-fixes and addresses a few balance issues.  The main game itself is currently available at a steep discount on both the Slitherine storefront and Steam, as are the game’s previous DLC.
  • This past week saw the release of Fate of Iberia (watch the trailer here), the second flavor pack for Crusader Kings III, Paradox Interactive’s popular RPG/grand-strategy epic set in the European middle ages.  The DLC is accompanied by the free 1.6 “Castle” update, which adds numerous features, new content, AI improvements, and a lot more.
  • After a month of patches being run on a beta branch for the players, Slitherine/Matrix released another major update (version Distant Worlds 2, their epic real-time space 4x by developer Codeforce.  The list of changes & improvements is absolutely massive, addressing everything from ship/fleet behavior, to colonization & migration issues, to character skills and intelligence missions — and that’s barely scratching the surface.
  • Developer Mohawk Games released their first patch for Old World since the game was released on Steam and GOG back on May 19.  The patch largely focuses on improvements for Mac users, as well as addressing a few issues in the Heroes of the Aegean DLC.
  • After months of largely flying under the radar, we’ve finally received a significant news update regarding Alliance of the Sacred Suns, the Dune-inspired, Crusader Kings-esque space 4x/RPG from publisher Hooded Horse.  After years of being in development, the core game is finally complete, and has begun entering beta-testing.  The first round of testing is being limited to 100 slots, and — going by comments from developer Kathawk Studios — they’ll almost certainly all be filled by the time this news bulletin goes to print.  In addition, Hooded Horse and Kathawk Studios have decided to forgo any sort of Early Access period, instead electing to launch the game as a full release later this year.
  • The 1.4.2 update has dropped for Interstellar Space: Genesis by developer Praxis Games.  The update makes some notable changes & improvements to the Minor Civilizations feature introduced in the just-released Evolving Empires expansion, in addition to numerous bug-fixes.



Don’t forget we’ve got a dedicated area of our forums for the professional wargamers.


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