April 20, 2024

More “A” Than “I” ~ #TuesdayNewsday

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There’s a new beta site called “The Curricula” that offers AI-generated recommendations for learning about all sorts of different topics.  As an experiment, we plugged in “board wargaming” for a topic, and this is what we got back. Note that your returns may vary slightly as the algorithms change.

The definition we got was:

Board wargaming

Board wargaming is a strategic tabletop game genre that simulates military conflicts and historical battles. Players use maps, counters, and rules to recreate tactical warfare scenarios. These games require strategic thinking, planning, and decision-making to outmaneuver opponents and achieve victory. Board wargaming often involves historical accuracy, detailed rules, and complex gameplay mechanics, offering players a deep and immersive gaming experience. With a rich history dating back to the early 20th century, board wargaming continues to be popular among enthusiasts who enjoy challenging themselves with strategic warfare simulations.

Not a bad starting point for a definition, really.  Everyone is going to quibble with something in there, but as a starting point, we could live with it.

Now, as we dive into the deeper ‘course materials’?  Varying quality of results, for sure.  The “learning guide” gives an overview of the sequence through which you should learn about board wargaming, while the pre-req’s give a sense of related topics that would be good to know about going into this. (6 total slides)

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As you can see as you go thru the slides, the learning guide really isn’t a bad starting point, if a bit generic.  The “concepts” list is a collapsible list of topics nested under “board wargaming” that each have a grouping of content under them.  Think of these as the units in a college course, with the syllabus for each unit underneath it.  We didn’t screen-shot all of them.
The “hex-and-counter” heading isn’t bad, but does also pull in a few minis wargaming resources.
The “fog of war” heading is pretty bad, however, with a romance novel at the top of the list and some very game-specific content in all of the headings.
The content under “area control” seems to be either really good, or really bad, but the problem is that a new wargamer won’t know how to tell the difference.
The “combat resolution” heading – oof.  The books are useless, but several of the videos aren’t bad.

Overall, this doesn’t seem to be a bad conceptual starting point.  The idea of an AI bringing in some inter-connected outside sources isn’t the problem.  It’s the evaluation of those sources that seems to be lacking and sorely in need of improvement.  That said, whether the “intelligence” is artificial or natural, evaluation of source credibility is always an issue, isn’t it?


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Registration will open this week


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Bill Molyneaux posted this last week on the FB page for his game publishing


You can find his YouTube channel here and we’re going to add it to our Screen Line rotation below, too


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This week’s releases that you’ll want to know about


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Getcher orders in now and then either (a) wait for it impatiently, or (b) forget your ordered it and be surprised later!


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Saving money? Spending just as much but getting more for it?


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This week’s best written coverage from the wargaming world


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The best videos this week from our wargaming friends



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Various news & notes from the business end of the gaming world


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It’s been a busy week for the regiment; here’s what you might’ve missed!


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Don’t forget to check our consolidated event & convention calendar for more!
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Focusing on the practitioner world ~ don’t forget about our dedicated area in our forums for the wargame professionals!


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Something neat from outside the wargaming world we thought was worth sharing



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