April 13, 2024

We Have No Headline – #TuesdayNewsday 10/12/21

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This Week’s Headline:

Huh.  Not really sure.  What you you folks think is the headline this week?
Four conventions on the same weekend?
Avalanche Press getting dropped by a distributor?
The upcoming Battle for Moscow tournament this weekend (which we headlined last week) ?

Drop down into the comments and let us know!


Newly Released This Week:


On Sale This Week:

  • OSG has The Battle of Fismes on sale.  This one is the introduction to the OSG Napoleonic series, so now’s your chance to try it.
  • Dark City Games has a sale all month long – Buy 3 Get 1 – with promo code OCTOBER.
  • S&T’s game-edition magazine sale this week is World at War #71, with Forgotten Battles Pacific with a solitaire version of the Fire-and-Movement system.


Newly Launched This Week:

  • Compass Games has the next issue of Paper Wars on Kickstarter.  The game is Assault on Tobruk.
  • It looks like a cross between HALO and Stargate, but the Lost Empires card game on Kickstarter is supposed to be a 4X-ish area control game to build “worm gates” and beat your enemies.
  • Loyalty or Liberty is a deckbuilder of the American Revolution now on Kickstarter.
  • Counterfact Issue #12 is on preorder thru the OSS site, with The Mannerheim Line Campaign as the game.
  • You can still get a late pledge in on Academy Games’ Stellaris boardgame.


This Week With The Armchair Dragoons:


News From The Wargame Industry:

  • Matrix Games wants you!  They need playtesters for the upcoming Gary Grigsby’s A World Divided.
  • Catastrophe Games are now selling games from THGC
  • Grognard.com is looking for someone to take the reins.  And maybe bring it into the 21st century.
  • Origins numbers were released, but in a comment on FaceBook.  No, really.


Effective immediately [redacted] is no longer supporting your product range. All products will be marked as Discontinued for Carry, all outstanding purchase orders are to be canceled, and new products will not be solicited in [redacted] or through any of our other marketing and sales channels. . . . It has been a pleasure doing business with you and we wish you the best of luck.

  • This week on Twitter there was a multi-threaded, oft-rambling discussion on how much wargaming should be included in professional military education.  Start here and click away!


Conventions Coming Up:

  • Siege of Vicksburg 22-24 October, Vicksburg, MS ~ VUCA Sims will be making one of their rare US appearances there.
  • SDHISTCON Fall online convention 12-14 November, online
  • MACE 12-14 November 2021, Charlotte, NC
  • Compass Games Expo 11-15 November 2021, Meriden, CT
  • Historicon, 10-14 November 2021, Valley Forge, PA

Yes, that’s 4 all on the same weekend…


Something From Our Partners:


The Professional & Practitioner Wargaming World:

Don’t forget we’ve got a dedicated area of our forums for the professional wargamers.



That’s all for this week!
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