May 18, 2024

Mentioned in Dispatches, Season 5 Episode 6 – The Compass Games Holiday Catalog

16 October 2020 ~

It is HERE! The glorious, gianticus, magnificus thing we call THE COMPASS GAMES HOLIDAY CATALOG (PDF here) and we dig through it with all its coolness, its warts, its tantalizing temptations, and its headscratching bewilderments. It’s not just the games, of course, as we dig into the branding, the general feel for where Compass is going, and the fill-it-out-and-mail-it-in paper order form (no, we are not kidding).

Don’t forget, you can always catch up with past episodes on the “podcast” tab of our site.

Of course, we do talk about the games, too. Pretty much all of them. OK, not quite all of them. We leave off the panel with all the single-line-and-no-graphics listings, except to reference where a game is there and not on the main part of the catalog. It’s a good thing we did, too, or this would’ve actually clocked in at 2 hours of podcast after editing.

(Note that you’ll hear references to a 2-hour podcast while we’re recording it, but we were able to edit out a bunch of techno-glitches and a couple of waaaaay off-topic digressions that just distracted from the focus on THE COMPASS GAMES HOLIDAY CATALOG.)

So sit back, settle in, put on some kum-ba-ya music or gregorian chants to get in the mood, and chuckle along with the madcap romp through this year’s COMPASS GAMES HOLIDAY CATALOG.


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"Mentioned In Dispatches" with the Armchair Dragoons
Mentioned in Dispatches, Season 5 Episode 6 – The Compass Games Holiday Catalog

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