December 1, 2021

Mentioned In Dispatches – Season 6 Ep 13 – The Finale

23 April 2021 ~

We’ve come to the end of the tracks for Season 6, as we pull this train into the station with a full crew: Mike, and Jim, and… uh, another Mike.  Let’s talk about Men Against Fire, the Civ series of games, Stellaris, relative complexity of tabletop vs digital games, the European Super League, Blucher vs Lasalle vs Shakos vs Snappy Nappy for Quatre Bras, whether D&D is a wargame, Gary clipping counters on camera, six degrees of Saturday Night Fights, and robots carrying buckets of lava, and strategic logistics.

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Toward the end of the episode, we spend a few minutes looking back at 2-1/2 years of the Armchair Dragoons and ask everyone to take stock for a few minutes about what’s succeeded and what still needs some improving.  Jump on board with the Dragoons, and lets see where the ride goes next (like, y’know, The ACDC in June).

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Season 6
Season 6
Mentioned In Dispatches - Season 6 Ep 13 - The Finale

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