April 13, 2024

Mentioned in Dispatches Season 8 Ep 3 ~ Professional Wargaming at CNA

18 February 2022 ~

We take another dip into the professional wargaming world, as we are joined by a pair of folks from the wargaming team at the Center for Naval Analysis.  Justin and Gino both design wargames for use by organizations across the entire Department of Defense and other national security agencies, and CNA was nice enough to let them spend a little time with us.

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So we chat about their individual backgrounds, and how they contributed to getting the positions they hold at CNA.  Without naming any specific projects (so as not to infringe on their specific clients’ goals & interests) they talk to us about their research process, some specific mechanics they’ve used in some of their designs, and lessons they’ve learned from some successful games.  What sorts of timelines do they have?  What are some key skills they use when designed for the practitioner world? How does playtesting work? Does everyone really hate dice? We try to dig into all these questions and more on this episode.

If you’re interested in the professional & practitioner world, stay tuned for more information about our upcoming Connections Online conference in April.

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"Mentioned In Dispatches" with the Armchair Dragoons
Mentioned in Dispatches Season 8 Ep 3 ~ Professional Wargaming at CNA

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