July 19, 2024

Mentioned In Dispatches Season 8 ~ Final Exam Results!

Last week, we offered you a chance to show us how well you paid attention to this season of Mentioned in Dispatches.  Some of you did.  Some of you (co-hosts), eh…  maybe not so much.

So here are the question, with the correct answers in bold text

In episode 1, we talked ACW wargames. Which of these topics did we NOT talk about?

  • Key sites for battles
  • Ben Madison game designs
  • Block wargames on the US Civil War
  • Colorful command personalities
  • Comparing the same battle with games that are 30 years apart
  • Strategic vs operational vs tactical games
  • We talked about all of these

We hadn’t really cranked up the sarcasm machine just yet, so the episode description was pretty accurate

Episode 2 focused on a discussion of what series of 4X games?

  • Civilization
  • Stellaris
  • Tiny Epic Kingdoms
  • Space Empires

C’mon people – it was in the title!

Episode 3 was a professionally-focused episode with some designers from the Center for Naval Analysis, so we didn’t list a bunch of goofy topics as a part of the episode.  Was this the right call?

  • Yes

We tend to not get too goofy with the serious episodes, since we don’t want to drive the professional crowd too far away

Episode 4 talked about operational-level Napoleonic warfare.  Which game did we specifically mention that allows the Russo-Spanish Alliance to invade England?

  • 1806/1807 from Shakos
  • The Napoleonic Wars
  • Campaigns on the Danube
  • Et Sans Resultat
  • War & Peace

Both Jim & Gary joked about the amphibious assault on Kent.

In episode 5, Brian Train joined us for a look back at some then-hypothetical designs about the Russian-Ukraine conflict.  Which form of pack animal was specifically mentioned as a mortar-transport in a game?

  • Lemur
  • Donkey
  • Oxen
  • Goat
  • Horse

We included a picture of the order of battle from the old SPI ModQuad-2 game Yugoslavia, which included the goat-mounted mortar unit. And Brian is already developing a Lemur-focused asymmetric warfare game based on Mancala.

Episode 6 hit which milestone for season 8?

  • 10 hours of content
  • 1,000 total listens across all episodes
  • 18th different guest
  • Released out of order from when they were recorded
  • First appearance of Mike this season

It happens every season.  This was the one this time.

Connections Online was the focus of episode 7.  NOT INCLUDING THIS YEAR, how many previous Connections Online conferences have The Armchair Dragoons co-sponsored?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

While Connections US was held online for 2 years, it was not “Connections Online” which started in 2021 and continued this year, and the Dragoons have co-sponsored both.  Again, another serious episode, so a pretty straitlaced description.

Bryan showed up for episode 8, and we were all over the map on this episode.  To that end, which of these did we NOT talk about?

  • Waterworld
  • Designated hitters
  • Perfect lottery numbers
  • Drinking beer in the field
  • Muscle memory
  • Orienting maps in the wrong direction
  • Gary’s counter-clipping show
  • Pool tables

You’d think we would’ve gotten around to them at some point, given everything else we managed to hit.

We spaced-out in episode 9, with the release of DW2, and talked about a lot of space 4x games, but we did NOT talk about which of these –

  • Barbarian pirates
  • Hockey
  • Space hamsters
  • Biscuits
  • Playing games from your front porch
  • Staring at waterfalls
  • Happy hour
  • Dejah Thoris
  • Stellaris
  • Street Fighter

The Dejah Thoris reference was only in passing, but the Space Hamsters have been a recurring space 4X gag for a while now.  In any event, none of us are playing Stellaris on our porches.

When David Ensteness joined us for episode 10, we made some quips about the age of the panel on the show.  Who is the youngest of the participants on this episode?

  • David
  • Brant
  • Jim

He was pushing Cheerios down heater vents while Jim was learning the optimal tactics of the Dutch-Belgian juggernaut.

Episode 11 had Brant & Gary discussing Buckeye Game Fest, but which of these topics did they NOT talk about during the show?

  • Wargame vendors to recruit to the next BGF
  • Attendance at the convention
  • Arguments over a La Bat table
  • The best hotdogs in the convention center
  • How Song For War plays
  • Tween-age dance competitions
  • Talking too much while at dinner with David Thompson
  • Conveniently-located parking garage elevators
  • Where the minis players are

Even if you didn’t listen to the episode, there are no good hotdogs in the convention center, so this should’ve been a gimme.

The podcast turned their attention on pre-orders and crowdfunding for our penultimate episode.  Which of these topics was NOT discussed during episode 12.

  • Drinking wine in Australia
  • China War
  • The Fantasy Trip
  • The Dietz Foundation
  • Car Wars
  • Steve Jackson challenging the consumer audience
  • SPI-style quad games
  • Battle Cry
  • World at War ’85
  • Song for War
  • Bullet dice
  • Harold Buchanan’s podcast
  • Up Front
  • Massive Reaper minis campaigns
  • Mystery Wizard

This was our trick question, as we’ve talked about Song for War multiple times over the past few months, and can’t wait to see it finally hit production.  But we did not talk about it during our crowdfunding episode.

As we look forward to Origins this summer, we talked about a lot of things related to Origins and GAMA, but which of these did we NOT talk about on the finale?

  • Using rugs for game maps
  • Our favorite GAMA comms person ever
  • Warlord minis in the exhibit hall
  • The Battletech pods
  • Assault: Red Horizon
  • Mike putting someone’s kids thru college
  • Off-the-books games of BayonetGames’ Warfighter
  • Song for War
  • Freedom in the Galaxy
  • Classic Traveller in a single book
  • 64-player tournaments of The Russian Campaign
  • The guy we hope never gets promoted because so awesome at what he does
  • Europa

We talked about Song for War here, though!  We’ve played in the BattleTech pods a lot over the years, going back to the early 2000s.  But we didn’t bring them up on this episode, which is honestly a little surprising.

And the winner is….   THECOMMANDTENT, who got 10/13 correct.

A longtime Dragoon, and a regular around the digital tabletop with our man Cyrano, TCT is a faithful podcast listener, and apparently takes better notes than most of y’all, too!


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