July 18, 2024

Armchair Dragoons Digital Convention (ACDC) January 2022



Armchair Dragoons, Regimental Operations Order 21-342

Distribution restriction: No restriction; unlimited distribution is authorized


  • Weather – So it’s supposed to be winter, but some places are still getting rained on.  Either way, it’s a good time of year to stay inside and play games all weekend.
  • Enemy Forces – Our primary enemy at this point seems to be inertia – we just need everyone to get off their kiesters and get into their wargaming!
  • Friendly Forces – Friendly forces for this mission include (so far) Moe’s Game Table, Ardwulf’s Lair, Song for War, and others. Other friendly forces may join at a later date.
  • Attachments & Detachments – None at the present



The Armchair Dragoons and other friendly forces conduct online/virtual game convention operations beginning with registration (2 January 2022) and culminating with the execution of the Armchair Dragoons Digital Convention (The ACDC), from 14-16 January 2022, at a cost of $5 to attend.

Link to ACDC Registration/Scheduling at tabletop.events



  • Commander’s Intent

The Armchair Dragoons have now planned and executed 5 different digital convention / conference events, and have decided to set MLK holiday weekend as our annual ACDC.  This gives wargamers a mid-January convention to look forward to coming out of the holiday season, and gives players an opportunity to meet, play, and congregate in another online/virtual convention.
The Armchair Dragoons intend to offer a mixture of larger events, quick/casual games, opportunities to learn from/play with designers, a robust seminar program, and a variety of industry-focused talk shows.


  • Concept of the Operation

The ACDC will focus on the following 4 features:

  1. Wargaming Events: the primary activity will be wargames played through virtual tabletop systems like VASSAL, Tabletop Simulator, and Tabletopia.  Registered players may play in any number of non-overlapping events for their $5 registration cost. The GMs will ensure the appropriate game-specific modules are available for the players joining the game.
  2. Topical Seminars: Both wargame-related and more general military history seminars are planned, including formal presentations, industry interviews, and talk shows.
  3. Vendor and Sponsor Support: Different vendors have expressed their willingness to support the ACDC and will be offering convention specials and/or discounts during the event. Details will be announced as they come available.
  4. The Convention ‘Community’: There will be additional channels opened up on the Discord server to creat virtual ‘meeting places’ for attendees to congregate between games, whether to discuss past/upcoming events, arrange future games, or kibitz about wargaming.
    The ACDC will also include several “pick-up game” voice/chat channels for use by players who decide to join in any impromptu or unscheduled games they organize between themselves. Note that these pick-up games are not official ACDC events, and will not appear in our schedule nor will tickets to those events be required (though you will still need a badge for the show for access to the channels on the Discord server).


  • Subordinate Tasks

Specific members of the Armchair Dragoons have the following tasks

  1. GMs – prepare, present & supervise games played during the convention, including ownership of the game modules for the games/platforms you intend to use. Be prepared for platform test w/ Armchair Dragoons HQ NLT 7 January 2022
  2. Players – Ensure you have the correct platform software (VASSAL, TTS, etc) loaded and functional before registering for any games. The GMs will provide the appropriate game module and invite you into the game, but it is your responsibility to ensure your computer is working and connected.
    Additionally, players are required to provide their user names for the online platforms, to ensure that GMs can invite them into their game at the appointed time.
  3. Seminar Speakers – Prepare & present content for online audience, including participant Q&A.
  4. Editorial Team – ensure content is captured during the event to most accurately capture the convention for follow-up articles.


  • Coordinating Instructions
  1. The ACDC has a cost of $5/attendee for a weekend badge.
  2. Only ticketed attendees will be given access to the ACDC Discord server.
  3. Event schedule will be posted here, for you to recon before registration opens.
  4. All times for events are listed here in US/Eastern time, but the Tabletop.events registration site converts to your local time zone.
  5. Individual event tickets are needed to play in the games, but not to watch.  While we hope to stream many of the games through YouTube, many of them may only be made available to registered participants through the screen streaming function on Discord.
  6. All GMs will make every effort to stream their games through the Discord screen sharing, and through publicly-viewable channels (YouTube, Twitch, etc) when possible.
  7. YouTube streaming, including (especially!) seminars & talk shows, will be through unlisted Youtube links, with URLs provided to attendees.  This will allow us to still leverage YouTube chat during the livestreams while still limiting the audience to registered attendees.  Streams will be made public after the convention is finished.
  8. ACDC Merchandise (and some new Dragoons swag!) will be available
  9. There is an option to print your badge, if you want it as a keepsake. Obviously, we don’t need no stinkin’ badges for an online convention.


Service Support

  • Support Concept

Armchair Dragoons will provide the scheduling & registration framework, as well as the online ‘anchor’ presence for the convention.  As the central clearinghouse for information, Armchair Dragoons will take the lead in supporting convention attendees.

  • Technical Support
    1. Armchair Dragoons can offer limited technical support for the registration / scheduling software through the tabletop.events platform
    2. Armchair Dragoons makes no promises, guarantees, warranties, or assurances that the platforms used for this convention (such as TTS, or VASSAL) will load and function correctly on your individual machine. In short: it is your responsibility to make sure your computer works with the platform for the game(s) you want to play this weekend.
    3. Armchair Dragoons will be publishing a few “tips & tricks” guides for specific platforms, but these are in no way intended as any sort of guarantee of success nor an implied offer of universal tech support.
  • Personnel
    1. Anyone wishing to volunteer as a GM is instructed to contact the convention team at armchairdragoonsevents – (AT) – that ‘gmail’ thingee.  Please include game, platform, duration, max # of players, and your experience with playing/leading the game in an online platform.  Include at least 2 options for times at which you can run the game.
    2. Anyone wishing to volunteer as a seminar speaker is instructed to contact the convention team at armchairdragoonsevents – (AT) – that ‘gmail’ thingee.  Please include a draft outline of the content to be covered and include at least 2 options for times at which you can present.  Note that whenever possible, we will try not to schedule multiple seminars at the same time.
    3. Event submission will be opened for GMs to submit their own events, but there are multiple required fields to capture all necessary details for an online game.
  •  Promotions
    1. A bank of images is available to freely share here: banner ad (728×90) ; social media box (500×500); large banner (728×250)
    2. Everyone registering for/attending the ACDC is asked to share information about the convention through their social networks; the more, the merrier!


Command & Signal

  • Command
    1. Armchair Dragoons will lead the effort, with assistance from other organizations as needed
    2. Questions or concerns should be communicated to armchairdragoonsevents – (AT) – that ‘gmail’ thingee
  • Signal
    1. We will use online comms for site administration and other coordination
    2. All games are played online through virtual platforms like Tabletop Simulator, VASSAL, and Tabletopia. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate software is working on his/her own computer.
    3. Games will operate with online voice channels, such as Steam Chat or a Discord server.  The GM will communicate to the players which channel is being used, but it is the player’s responsibility to ensure the audio is appropriate for the game.
    4. While some GMs prefer Steam Chat for their voice comms, the priority will be the dedicated Discord Server available for that weekend for both voice and text chat

Sync Matrix

The currently-confirmed schedule for The ACDC.
All times are US EST, and the tabletop.events site should adjust to your local time zone when registering for events.

EventTypeMax SeatsStartsMinutesPlatform
Newton's Cradle (Squadron Strike rules)Game Session6January 14 (FRI) at 19:00240ASCIBI
Newton's Cradle (Squadron Strike rules)Game Session6January 15 (SAT) at 19:00240ASCIBI
Romance of the 7 Realm (Squadron Strike rules)Game Session6January 15 (SAT) at 13:00240ASCIBI
OCS BootcampGame Session8January 14 (FRI) at 20:00240VASSAL
Falling SkyGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 18:00240VASSAL
Falling SkyGame Session4January 16 (SUN) at 13:00240VASSAL
White Eagle DefiantGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 17:00120VASSAL
Last One StandingGame Session4January 16 (SUN) at 12:00120VASSAL
Lanzerath RidgeGame Session4January 16 (SUN) at 12:00120Tabletop Simulator
Lanzerath RidgeGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 16:00120Tabletop Simulator
Lock ’n Load Tactical: Heroes of the PacificGame Session2January 14 (FRI) at 13:00180VASSAL
Lock ’n Load Tactical - Heroes of the 'NamGame Session2January 15 (SAT) at 10:00180VASSAL
Lock ’n Load Tactical - Heroes in DefianceGame Session2January 16 (SUN) at 10:00180VASSAL
Shores of TripoliGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 11:00120Rally The Troops
Shores of TripoliGame Session4January 16 (SUN) at 11:00120Rally The Troops
Robotech ReconstructionGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 10:00180Tabletop Simulator
Robotech ReconstructionGame Session4January 16 (SUN) at 12:00180Tabletop Simulator
Where Eagles Dare ("Strife of Eagles” Kriegsspiel pt 1)Game Session6January 15 (SAT) at 06:00240Discord
Eagles Nest ("Strife of Eagles” Kriegsspiel pt 2)Game Session6January 15 (SAT) at 11:00240Discord
Rebels & Patriots AWI: A Chance EncounterGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 11:00240Tabletop Simulator
Blucher: The Battle of the Mincio RiverGame Session2January 16 (SUN) at 10:00240Tabletop Simulator
Battle Of Quiberon BayGame Session8January 15 (SAT) at 16:00360Discord
Battle of GuadalcanalGame Session12January 16 (SUN) at 10:00360Discord
Eagles Clash ("Strife of Eagles” Kriegsspiel pt 3)Game Session12January 16 (SUN) at 11:00240Discord
Twilight: 2000, Roleplaying in the Future That Never WasGame Session6January 15 (SAT) at 10:00360VTT
Song for WarGame Session4January 14 (FRI) at 20:00240Tabletopia
Song for WarGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 14:00240Tabletopia
Welcome Happy Hour with Moe's Game TableSeminar500January 14 (FRI) at 18:00120YouTube
Designer Interview: Robotech ReconstructionSeminar500January 14 (FRI) at 20:00120YouTube
Designer Interview: Blue Panther GamesSeminar500January 14 (FRI) at 22:00120YouTube
Designer Interview: Song For WarSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 10:00120YouTube
Designer Interview: Purple HazeSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 12:0060YouTube
Designer Interview: Global War 1985Seminar500January 15 (SAT) at 13:00120YouTube
Designer Interview: Catastrophe Games / Tim DenshamSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 15:00120YouTube
Designer Interview: Air & Armor / Bruce MaxwellSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 17:00120YouTube
Happy Hour with Ardwulf's LairSeminar500January 16 (SUN) at 17:00120YouTube
World at War '85 with Lock 'n Load Publishing #1Game Session4January 14 (FRI) at 16:00240Tabletop Simulator
World at War '85 with Lock 'n Load Publishing #2Game Session4January 15 (SAT) at 11:00240Tabletop Simulator
World at War '85 with Lock 'n Load Publishing #3Game Session4January 15 (SAT) at 21:00240Tabletop Simulator
Point Blank - V for Victory (FRI)Game Session4January 14 (FRI) at 18:00180Tabletop Simulator
Point Blank - V for Victory (SAT)Game Session4January 15 (SAT) at 18:00180Tabletop Simulator
Point Blank - V for Victory (SUN)Game Session4January 16 (SUN) at 13:00180Tabletop Simulator
Purple HazeGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 13:00120Tabletop Simulator
Modern Warfare & Wargaming RoundtableSeminar500January 16 (SUN) at 13:00120YouTube
Fleet Marine ForceGame Session6January 15 (SAT) at 12:00240VASSAL
Splendid Failure: Challenges of Reconstruction and DemocracySeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 10:0060YouTube
Judean Hammer (Catastrophe Games)Game Session2January 14 (FRI) at 16:00120Tabletopia
Judean Hammer (Catastrophe Games)Game Session2January 16 (SUN) at 09:00120Tabletopia
NATO: Cold War Goes Hot (play w/ the designer)Game Session4January 16 (SUN) at 08:00300VASSAL
War of the Triple AllianceGame Session4January 15 (SAT) at 18:0090Tabletop Simulator
Exploring Competition through Competitive WargamingSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 14:0060YouTube
First Battle of KharkovSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 12:0060YouTube
Competition: AI -- The National Innovation BaseSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 13:0060YouTube
Designer Showcase: Song for War seminarSeminar500January 16 (SUN) at 12:0060YouTube
UK Wargaming Scene 2021/2022Seminar500January 16 (SUN) at 08:00120YouTube
Game Design: Planning the American Revolution NSDMG StyleSeminar500January 16 (SUN) at 10:00120YouTube
The Wargame Bootcamp - Atlantic Chase DemoGame Session10January 14 (FRI) at 13:00240VASSAL
The WarGame Bootcamp - Horse & Musket DemoGame Session10January 15 (SAT) at 13:00240VASSAL
The Wargame Bootcamp Hearts and Minds Vietnam1965 -1975 DemoGame Session10January 16 (SUN) at 14:00240VASSAL
The Wargame Bootcamp Standard Combat Series North AfricaGame Session10January 15 (SAT) at 18:00240VASSAL
Armchair Dragoons KeynoteSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 19:0090YouTube
Tall Tales & An Open Bar – Random Chatter With WargamersSeminar500January 15 (SAT) at 21:00180YouTube
Making an Arty Wargame from Scratch:What was I Thinking?Seminar500January 15 (SAT) at 11:0060YouTube



We appreciate you visiting the Armchair Dragoons!
We’ve got a dedicated forum to discuss the January 2022 ACDC.
You can also find the regiment on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and occasionally at a convention near you once we’re allowed to hold them again.

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