July 18, 2024

MystaraCon 2021


The Armchair Dragoons are pleased to announce MystaraCon 2021, an all-digital convention focused on the old TSR game world of Mystara, first introduced in the venerable X1 module The Isle of Dread.

This 3-day online convention will be held 19-21 November, and will operate almost ’round-the-clock, given the worldwide appeal of Mystara and the virtual nature of an online convention.

Registration will open in a few days, once we have enough events finalized to post a draft schedule.

Mystara-focused game sessions, classic modules, panel discussions, and open happy hour discussions will happen around the clock as  we celebrate one of the best, and most under-appreciated of all the D&D game worlds.  In addition to access to the convention Discord server, we will also have a variety of ‘door prizes’ for random participants, as well.


RegistrationCode of Conduct • Archive


Official event schedule


MystaraCon 2021 Videos

Mystara in Italy


MystaraCon Welcome Happy Hour


Mystaran Cartography


Keeping Mystara Alive


The Glory Days of Mystara


The Vaults of Pandius


Mystara in Italy


Mystara in Italy



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