May 24, 2024

Armchair Empire – A Shadow Empire AAR, Ep 2

UCG’s Armchair Empire starts to expand across the planet, as the government grows and evolves

UnderCoverGeek, 20 May 2020


If we pick rule of law we get a huge 11 point boost to enforcement. We already have an enforcement score of 48 which puts us well into the Discipline zone of the enforcement profile (40-50). We’re getting a tax bonus, we have a good chance of receiving Military Enthusiasm and Emergency Tax as new strategy cards and getting a unit within one of our forces as military police. Taking the bonus and getting to 59 we’ll get an additional logistics bonus and access to other strategy cards.

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Or we could take the economy boost, we are currently at 33 which incurs no bonuses, but taking this option puts us at 47, this gets us a private economy bonus, and 2 economy strategy cards, plus our secretary will be pleased for 2 points of happiness.



Or lastly we can take the government option also at 33 but at 47 we’d be well into the bureaucracy zone and getting bureaucracy bonuses, 2 government cards and a chance at a new medical team in our forces plus the General in charge of our forces likes it and he gets a few points of happiness, too.

We go with enforcement.



Speaking of which, here’s our glorious military leader. We should be looking for high 30s in war, and intelligence and a high command rating in the blue section – he’s got none of those! We’ll change him out as soon as we can, unfortunately he’s the faction leader of Martial Syndic Union who have some power in government



This guy though! The Director of the Supreme Command Council, this is the kind of guy we’re looking for – he’s ideally placed where he is – we just need more of him



We expand our borders in all directions trying to capture as many minor towns as we can. In terms of expansion etiquette, until formal contact is made or diplomacy negotiated its fair game to capture any hex – in previous games the AI has flanked my scouts and expanded right upto my capital. With that in mind we find ourselves right next to one of the major regimes. To the best of my knowledge there are no bonuses for military organisation but I’m a HOI player at heart and keep my forces together – the 2nd Inf brigade go east, the 1st Inf brigade go west, and the militia are sent to guard the borders of the other faction.



We end the turn – there was no conflict, there are 6 decisions to make – the 55 reports are just updates to stats and resources they dont actually need reading or addressing unless needed – low resource warnings, or units out of supply.



We find some rare metals…






…and some more machinery. These were the one off bonuses for capturing the towns, a good resource haul but no rare weaponry


plenty more to come in this Armchair Empire saga >>

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