May 23, 2024

Armchair Empire – A Shadow Empire AAR, Ep 5

A rebellion, a new ally, and artillery, all in one week!

UnderCoverGeek, 10 June 2020



Guy Jovanhill, the ex-governor of Tirania has decided to start his own rebellion – the final consequences of an unhappy relationship



Here he is in dark brown, right next to the regime we’re probably going to have to go to war with next. He’s in the southern section between our capital and our new property further southwest – I’m unsure of his strength so I’ll surround him for now to get a better picture



… and Pezono goes to war with us. This is the region to the East that had the scary sentinels between us and the slavers – it looks like a major regime is pushing them from the east and they’ve decided retreating into my territory is a better option.



When you need 1500 credits to nationalise your transport industry and you find a 1600 credit statue buried in the sand – the benefits of getting rid of it far outweigh the ones for keeping it. We sell it and immediately nationalise the transport system – I’ll show the benefits of this later



I still dont have a pure metal deposit to mine – but up in the ruins on the border of the nearest major regime there is a chance to scavenge the ruins and that allows me to build a recycling mine that produces 40 metals a turn. It’ll do for now



We complete our research in automatic rifles which is quite the leap – the design council will soon be in touch to upgrade our infantry



…and discover artillery – we’ll throw that into the research mix and see what happens



The last of the eastern slavers succumbs to an all out assault – I didn’t find a capital and I’ve taken all their land



This is the last of Pezono that I can see, the major has done a lot more damage than me, thats them in green to the east, behind the orange border in the south east is the last of Pezono – these sentinels are great at defense but terrible at attack, if I surround them and dwindle their supplies hopefully they’ll come out fighting and do terribly



Way out to the east on the otherside of Pezono, some free folk ask to join us.  I have a number of turns to build a road to them and connect them to our network; in the meantime they contribute two hefty units of 24 freedom fighters. I’ll use these to come west through Pezono and join up with my forces near the sentinels


plenty more to come in this Armchair Empire saga >>

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