May 24, 2024

Armchair Empire – A Shadow Empire AAR, Ep 6

FREEDOM!  Well, for some at least

UnderCoverGeek, 17 June 2020


To the West the last of the slavers head into the mountains – notoriously hard to dig out and even accumulate enough action points to attack into the mountains.  I’ll leave them there but pull the ‘proper’ infantry out and move the militia West to guard them



Pazono’s sentinels are wiped out in the East allowing our troops there to move Southeast into the rest of Pozono territory and see what’s beyond the new Major we found there



The numbers you see in the hexes are the number of supplies flowing through them, that figure has gone up from mid-200s to mid-2000s now that we have nationalised the transport system.  Where the road branches, supplies are sent in that direction; for instance, from the HQ 119 supplies are syphoned off North to the agridome in Schorndorf. Initially this is a number generated by the magic shennanigans of the developer, and was 350, but a click on all the industry in Schorndorf shows it only needs 100…



…so with the magic of the traffic system we can say ‘only send 5% of our supplies along the Northern road’ and this reduces the number to 119 and puts the rest back into the main supply flow



With nationalisation of the transport system the flow of supplies is vast, for the first time we have excess supplies flowing South, through this area and beyond into our second city



Our new intrepid free forces march Northwest to meet up with our scouts coming East; a road will be needed to bridge the gap. Just to the west of the salubrious-sounding Dream Club is a mountain range that is going to cost us dearly to extend the road through



After all the ‘add 10 to meritocracy’ and ‘minus 5 to heart’ decisions this is what our national profile screen is looking like – we have Strength of Will and Submission in autocracy and a 7% chance every turn of gaining Martial Law, and all the bonuses they bring, discipline in enforcement, and volunteerism and war lust in fist



To the left of the screen is a summary of those scores and how they’re advancing



From our Southern capital we start the road to release the free people. It heads East to the mountains but it will be a costly enterprise to cross the Mirion Mountains



The fastest, cheapest early recon vehicle is the buggy. We look to recruit a small battallion but the metal issue is still a thorn in our side and whilst we’re building a barracks down South, at a recycling centre in the North the scarce resource is already stretched


plenty more to come in this Armchair Empire saga >>

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