June 18, 2024

Armchair Empire – A Shadow Empire AAR, Ep 7

Beset on all sides by troubles….

UnderCoverGeek, 24 June 2020



YESSSS!!!! Metal is found way out East, but its there



Wurmavia, the green Major to our East, attacks.  Sneaky! And, I think they are more powerful than me.



Our first buggies arrive and we can send these East to check out Wurmavia and scan their forces



I build a road to the metal resource so that we can build a mine and reap the benefits at last



The militia form a wall against the oncoming forces of Wurmavia



Non-aligned forces – slavers or nomads – but no member of a regime, expand through the major to our South and cut off our road East from Corenijon, starving the troops



To the left you can see metal production starting to take off. To the East some recently-ordered motorbike troops arrive to help harass the nomads cutting the road



Our first skirmish with the nomads pushes them off the road…



Whilst to the East a new minor regime, the Olorium, steal our metal resource



And the Zezonars to our South sneak all the way up the peninsula and capture our supply depot at Delta


plenty more to come in this Armchair Empire saga >>

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