June 13, 2024

#UnboxingDay ~ Crowbar! The Rangers at Pointe Du Hoc by Flying Pig Games

Billy Riley, 19 May 2022 ~ #UnboxingDay

Another ‘big box’ production from Flying Pig Games, Crowbar! is a Hermann Luttmann design chronicling an insane attack up a sheer cliff in the middle of the Normandy landings on D-Day.


It’s a nice big 4” box – surprisingly only half full. Which is refreshing because there’s space to put counter trays…or perhaps some expansion stuff?

On the back, as per, you’ll see brief info on the game along with some components and details of the contents of the box.

It also states it’s a solitaire game with 2 player and co-op variants – so there’s lots here.




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Event Cards

There’s a small deck of events cards (18) which move time along…I believe the game has a kind of random/staggered time mechanism.



There’s a nice bag of dice. 5 gray, 5 green and 4 movement specific die.



Player Aid Cards

There are 2 double sided Player Aid Cards on decent card stock.


Game Track

Unfortunately, Flying Pig Games decided they’d print this on paper. It’s really quite flimsy and I can only imagine there was a screw up…I can’t think of any other reason why they would do this on paper instead of card…unless it’s the size…but we’ve had other games with folded card for game stuff…I’m lost. I’m going with screw up. Disappointing. It doesn’t look like it’ll last long and the only way to protect it is to cut it and laminate it



Don’t Know (ed note: looks like this replicates the ‘dice boxes’ on the bottom of the map)

I have no-idea what this is for. Perhaps you put the dice on it when you activate Rangers or something…I’m sure I’ll find out. It’s cheap paper too. Again, disappointing.



Rule Book

The rule book is nice. Semi gloss stock. The font is quite small though. There’s 27 pages in total. 20 pages appear to be rules, with 3 for the co-op and multi-player modes, 3 with an example of play and 1 which shows Ronald Reagan’s speech on June 6th 1984 at Pointe Du Hoc…I like that.



There are 4 sheets of counters. They are good thick card, pre-rounded and they pop out very easily.

They are really nice



The map is beautiful. It’s mounted, very thick and looks great. Kudos. Only problem for me is it’s taller than it is wide – so I’ll be playing on it a bit cack handed as Pointe Du Hoc will be to my left and the English Channel will be to my right on my gaming table. But I can’t blame them for that – it’s just how it should be…but it is well made and looks great.



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