June 14, 2024

#UnboxingDay – Ukraine War at Sea with Harpoon V from The Admiralty Trilogy Group

RockyMountainNavy, 19 May 2022

For us navalist Grognards, the war in the Ukraine has been feast or famine. Well, mostly famine. Aside from the sinking of the Russian Federation Navy ship Moskva, the war at sea has been light on action. Fortunately, as a wargamer you can look at alternate happenings, and what better way to do so than using Harpoon V: Modern Tactical Naval Combat 1955-2020 from Admiralty Trilogy Group (ATG)? To help with studying the at-sea aspects of the war in the Ukraine, I recently acquired three new ATG products. All three products are digital downloads through wargamevault.com.

Russia’s Navy: Soviet & Russian Naval Vessels, 1955-2020 was first released in July 2021 but was (digitally) updated in October of that year. (Of note, I use the excellent DriveThruRPG Library App for iOS to help store my DTRPG and wargamevault purchases).

IMG 1181

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In Russia’s Navy you will find the “Annex A Ships” listings along with the various sensor and weapons annexes.

IMG 1182

Russia’s Navy includes the now sunk Moskva, though the entry is yet to be updated to reflect the loss.

IMG 1183

The second book is Russia’s Aircraft: Soviet & Russian Military Aircraft 1955-2020 also released in July 2021 and updated that October.

IMG 1178

Russia’s Aircraft is the “Annex B Aircraft” entries for Russian military aircraft (including fixed-wing, helicopters, and UAVs) as well as the associated sensors and weapons.

IMG 1179

Though they have not seen much action in the war in the Ukraine beyond being cruise missile trucks, my personal favorite Russian bomber, the Backfire of the famed “Dance of the Vampires” chapter in Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising, is here.

IMG 1180

Finally, in May 2022 ATG released The Naval SITREP Issue #62 (April 2022).

IMG 1184

The Naval SITREP is the “house organ” for ATG and includes material for all the “Trilogy” games including Dawn of the Battleship, Fear God & Dread Nought, Command at Sea, and Harpoon.

IMG 1185

A special feature this month is a comprehensive “Ships and Aircraft of the Ukrainian Navy and Air Force.” We now have Annex A-Ships and Annex B – Aircraft entries…though unfortunately many of the ships have been lost. That said, we do have an official Annex B entry for the Bayraktar TB2 Recon/Attack UAV…

IMG 1186

(Feature image: “Smoke billows from the damaged Russian ship Moskva on April 15, 2022.OSINT Technical via Twitter”)


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