July 17, 2024

#UnboxingDay! ~ The Fall of Tobruk: Rommel’s Greatest Victory

Billy Riley, 18 January 2024 ~ #UnboxingDay

Another “sand filled” game has landed in my pile. I have no idea what to expect from this – but the reason I bought it was because it was focused. It seems most of the North Africa games require huge table space for their maps. So I was happy to see one focused on a big battle with still a big map – but one that can sit on my table

Box Art – Panzer IV? Any experts out there?

unbox falltobruk 1

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Dice – Two 10 sided die

unbox falltobruk 4

The Rule Book

I didn’t take a picture of the front, but it’s identical to the box art. It’s nice, thick “satin” paper. There’s a total of 31 pages with circe 20 pages of rules and some appendices and info. There’s also a decent looking index at the back.



The game comes with a sheet of errata and clarifications

unbox falltobruk 13


Player Aid Cards

There are 19 player aid cards in total. Most are single sided and there’s a couple where two are provided.

Axis and Allied Off Map Air Sectors


Sequence of Play (x2)

unbox falltobruk 16


Air Display Screen – for 2 player mode

unbox falltobruk 17


Axis and Allied Asset Tracking



Setup Sheets for the Allies and Axis


Air Tables

unbox falltobruk 26


Various Combat and Information Tables


Scenario Setup Sheets

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There are 5 counter sheets. I haven’t taken photos of the backs because the counters were falling out very easily (a good point). They are 5/8” and decent card stock.



There are two maps which combined require a table footprint of 40” x 32”. It’s very thick card. I imagine you made need to lay these out either with plexi and perhaps books/boxes to get it to lay flat. I haven’t taken a picture of the whole map due to the size and the fact they simply wouldn’t lay flat to allow any sort of decent image.

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