June 24, 2024

Plenty of Post-Holiday Pre-Orders ~ #TuesdayNewsday

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ACDC Jan 2023 Social BoxThe ACDC is done & dusted.  Participants have been sent their follow-up surveys to let us know how we did, and the livestream archive is posted.  The next one will be 17-19 January 2025.

We’ve asked folks who did not attend The ACDC to give us some feedback on why not.  For some it was the events offered; for others it was time zone challenges.  A lot of people have just said “already busy that weekend” but that might’ve just been covering up that even if they weren’t busy they wouldn’t’ve attended.  If you’re just not in wargaming-through-a-screen, we get it.  If you didn’t even hear about it ’til it was too late, we get it1.  If nothing seemed all that spectacular to you, we get that, too!

But drop us a line in the forums, or in the comments below, and let us know why you didn’t join us for The ACDC, and maybe we can help mitigate some of those issues in the future.


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TN VfWAds for the reprint of Votes for Women seems to have run afoul of Facebook/Meta’s Stupidity Police™ as they’ve pulled all of Fort Circle’s advertising, claiming it’s a “sensitive topic”.  Since the dustup started, it’s now appearing in the wider gaming press.

You can back the Kickstarter campaign here, or read Tory’s extended designer diary over on BGG


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We’ve lost a couple of longtime hobby gaming industry stalwarts this past week…

Jennell Jaquays passed away, and there aren’t many people who were in the hobby as long as she was, going back to the early ’70s with tabletop designs for Judges Guild, and video game art & design for Coleco, ID, and more.

Brian Ansell, founder of Citadel minis and co-creator of Warhammer, passed away 2 weeks ago

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5News 3 Incoming

This week’s releases that you’ll want to know about

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5News 4 launch

Getcher orders in now and then either (a) wait for it impatiently, or (b) forget your ordered it and be surprised later!


5News 5 falling

Saving money? Spending just as much but getting more for it?

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5News 8 Blogs

This week’s best written coverage from the wargaming world


5News 9 screen

The best videos this week from our wargaming friends



5News 10 industry

Various news & notes from the business end of the gaming world


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5News 6 regiment

It’s been a busy week for the regiment; here’s what you might’ve missed!


5News 7 muster

Don’t forget to check our consolidated event & convention calendar for more!
You can also submit your own events for our calendar here.

The Serious Play Conference has been announced for 12-14 August in Toronto.


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5News 11 Pros

Focusing on the practitioner world ~ don’t forget about our dedicated area in our forums for the wargame professionals!


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5News 12 different

Something neat from outside the wargaming world we thought was worth sharing



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  1. we’re gonna wonder ‘how’ since we’ve been promoting it like crazy here, but whatevs
  2. “increasing”
  3. 3rd Thursday of the month

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