April 20, 2024

The 2024 ACDC Livestream Archive

Armchair Dragoons PAO, 15 January 2024

With the completion of the 2024 ACDC, we’re now making the livestreams available to the public.  As always, live participation and interaction with the shows was limited to the attendees of the convention1, but we’re always happy to share the streamed events after the fact.


The Happy Hour kicked off the weekend, as it always does


One of the other major presentations was the return of The ACDC Keynote, a discussion of the past year as well as what’s coming next for the Armchair Dragoons


Saturday was a rather full day of talk shows, kicking off with the historical discussion of the Prussian Kriegsspiel and its descendants


Historian and university instructor Jim Werbaneth joined us for 2 different talks, one on Inchon in the Korean War and one on the Battle of Gazala in WW2



For many folks, Volko Ruhnke rolling out an entirely new game system was a major attraction.  Thanks for Grant for arranging this awesome interview, and make sure you check out his podcast


Postcards of War, discussing small-format games

In addition, make sure you check out HissyCat’s Postcards From The Front 2024 gamejam, as well as the 2023 results.
There’s also a small archive of microgames from the Center for Naval Analysis.


The OCS Bootcamp

This one was also publicly-streamed during the convention, but live participation in the game was restricted to registered convention attendees.  And look, if you don’t know about Ardwulf’s channel by now, we can’t help you!


Starfleet Tactical joined us from the road, with a bit of an awkward room layout, but some interesting military sci-fi discussions

Every Most Saturday nights, Starfleet Tactical gives you a deep dive into all aspects of military sci-fi, from ship design to tactics to uniforms to DOTMLPF to the political org’s that run them.


Three different design approaches to the American Revolution / American War for Independence converged on a discussion about their challenges and considerations.

You can find the NSDM, Nations & Cannons, and SDHISTCON all out there on the web.


Finally, Patricks’ Tactics & Tutorials held a “learn to play” session for GCACW



Our talks show / seminar / interview programming is one of the great draws of The ACDC and for some attendees it’s the primary reason they join us.  We’re looking forward to another great lineup in 2025, so keep your GSR tuned for early warning indicators when we get closer.


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There once were Dragoons in their chairs,
Wargaming expertise beyond compares.
With passion they’d play,
Strategizing all day,
The Armchair champions, nobody dares.
In the hobby, they stand proud and tall,
Wargaming prowess, they enthrall.
In each tabletop fight,
They prove their might,
Armchair Dragoons, the best of them all!


  1. except for the opening happy hour

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