May 19, 2024

#Unboxing Day – Buffalo Wings 2 – The Deluxe Reprint Edition (Against the Odds, 2020)

RockyMountainNavy, 21 January 2021

Against the Odds delivered on their Kickstarter for Buffalo Wings 2 – The Deluxe Reprint in early 2021. This title is a repackaging and expansion of J.D. Webster’s Fighting Wings-series World War II air combat wargame of the same title originally published in 2010.

The Package

1 BWCover

The package arrives looking like almost any other folio wargame title.

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Out of the Bag

2 BWPacking

There is actually lots of content packed inside!

Reading Material

3 BWBooks

Buffalo Wings 2 is more than just a new game; it’s literally a magazine with a game inside. There are two booklets; the magazine with rules and an Expansion booklet.

Inside the Cover

3 1 BookInside

The inside of the magazine is in full color.

Illustrated Rules

3 3 BookInside

The rules for Buffalo Wings 2 are nicely illustrated.

More Than Just Rules

3 4 BookInside

The magazine includes articles beyond the rules. Good quality content here….

Expansion Booklet

4 1 ExpInside

The Expansion Rules booklet is printed in black & white but still nicely illustrated.

Three Mapsheets

5 1 Maps

The game ships with three folded paper map sheets.

Full Color

5 2 MapsFull

One side of a map is full color…


5 3 MapsWinter

…while the other is a very suitable “winter” landscape, befitting the theme of Buffalo Wings 2.

Player Aids

6 PlayAids

A single set of player aids is included.


7 Counters-1

A single counter sheet is included. Always torn…with the planes facing the way they are do you dare round the corner on these counters?

Other Goodies

9 Extras

An advertisement for Last Stand Games (with Turning Point Simulations on the opposite side) and a postcard wargame are also included.

Back Cover

8 Backs

There’s an advetrtisment for Wings of the Motherland from Clash of Arms and…WHAT’S THAT? A new Fighting Wings game coming? When will Tiger Wings: WWII Tactical Air Combat Over East Asia be coming to Kickstarter?

Thanks for joining this month’s #UnboxingDay with the Armchair Dragoons and we hope you enjoyed our recon of our recent acquisitions.
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