May 22, 2024

#UnboxingDay – 1754 Conquest

Brant Guillory, 21 January 2021

Academy Games has an entire series of “Birth of America” games, including titles such as 1775 and 1812.  Combined strategic-level area-control mechanics with Euro-looking components, these historical games can draw in non-wargamers who might otherwise be put-off by factor-heavy playing pieces.  What’s inside the box?

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The box cover



What’s in the box?



Bits and pieces on top – a bag of custom dice, some hard-shell plastic sleeves, a bag, and, well, the silica packet wasn’t supposed to be in the picture, but whaddaya gonna do?



This copy includes the base deck of cards, plus the Native Alliance expansion.



The base deck of cards is pretty substantial.  The Native Alliance expansion has it’s own distinctive back.



Some counters / map markers and a reference card for alternate setups.



A typical Academy Games rulebook with thick glossy paper, but no dedicated heavy cover.  Truthfully, it doesn’t really need a heavy cover.



Lavishly-illustrated and well laid out with easy-to-read text.



The map is not petite.  It’s not a monster, but it’s a mounted 6-panel map that takes up a lot of table.



Map detail



The map is multi-lingual.  Honestly, not sure I ever remember seeing this on any other map.



A playing met for organizing cards, plus the rainbow coalition of mini wooden cubes.



It’s not quite a full catalog, but the addition of a heavy sheet with product information for their other games is always a nice touch.



The bottom of the box include a plastic sorting tray, with the bag of Euro-cubes in there for perspective.

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