May 21, 2024

#UnboxingDay – Empire at Sunrise (Hollandspiele, 2021)

RockyMountainNavy, 21 January 2021

The first release of 2021 from Hollandspiele is Empire at Sunrise by designer John Gorkowski. This game is set in World War I and recreates the struggles to control the Pacific sealanes in the early days of the war using weekly turns. Like many Hollandspiele titles, there is an innovative mechanic used. Empire at Sunrise is played out on three different maps using “telescoping” scales to refight the land battle around Tsingtao and the larger naval war in the Far East and across the Pacific.

IMG 1672
Empire at Sunrise – Box cover and back

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Hollandspiele games are printed by their partner, Blue Panther. The box ships with a main map, side map and tracks, 2-sided play aid, 12-page rule book, 96 counters on a single sheet, and two dice. Some people complain about the smell in the box that results from Blue Panther’s production process; I just think of it as a pleasant scent of “Eau de Wargame” that quickly dissipates once the box is opened.

IMG 1676
Empire at Sunrise – Components


The rule book is nicely laid out by Mary Russell and are in color with several illustrations. I like the use of the little ship silhouettes for bullet points!

IMG 1678
Empire at Sunrise – Rule Book


The Player’s Aid is double sided with the Order of Battle for setup on one side and the Sequence of Play and useful modifier tables on the other.

IMG 1680
Empire at Sunrise Player’s Aid Side 1


IMG 1681
Empire at Sunrise Player’s Aid Side 2


Counters are the typical thick Blue Panther style.

IMG 1682
Empire at Sunrise – Counters


The key to the game of Empire of Sunrise is the maps by artist Jose R. Faura. The three “nested” maps are actually spread across the main map (17″x22″) and a side map (11″x17″) that also includes the Game Turn track, Victory Point track, and other organizational aids.

IMG 1683
Empire at Sunrise map-sheet – The “Kiautschou Insert” at 6 miles/hex is upper left, the rest is the “Asia Pacific Map” at 240 miles/hex


IMG 1679
Empire at Sunrise – “Pacific Chart” at 1440 miles/zone below and game tracks above

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