March 4, 2024

#UnboxingDay – The Scheldt Campaign by Hollandspiele

Michael Eckenfels, 21 October 2021 ~ #UnboxingDay

One of Hollandspiele’s first published games, this Brian Train design has been considered one of the classic examinations of this late-WW2 operation.

Stay tuned for some more from this game over the next few months.

Thanks for joining us for #UnboxingDay this month with the Armchair Dragoons and we hope you got your rocks off ogling our new toys.
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One thought on “#UnboxingDay – The Scheldt Campaign by Hollandspiele

  1. I thought that new movie on Netflix would excite some interest in this, the first offering from Hollandspiele (though the game’s very first publication was by the Microgame Design Group).
    I prefer the two-column format for layout, as my eyes are aging too.
    Amabel’s graphics are full of subtle little touches like the tone of the holding boxes.
    The engine of the game is an adaptation of the Staff Card system Joe Miranda introduced with his game Bulge 20.
    The letters on the back of the counters are setup group codes; makes things a lot easier.

    I hope you enjoy playing this!

    Brian Train

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