June 13, 2024

Livestreaming The ACDC

Livestreams & recordings for #TheACDC held 15-17 January 2021.  Note that not all sessions were streamed / recorded, but we’ve provided all the links that we could.


Event NameStartsDuration (mins)Livestream Link
Wargame BootcampFRI 1800120(was not streamed)
World War '85 - Storming the GapFRI 1900120https://www.twitch.tv/lnlp
Attack Vector: Tactical (learning game)FRI 2000240(was not streamed)
Happy Hour & Convention Welcome with Moe & BrantFRI 200090
Breakfast wakeup & WelcomeSAT 090090(was not streamed)
Wargame BootcampSAT 1000120(was not streamed)
ESR Napoleonics: Perspective Based DesignSAT 100060(will post afterwards)
Russian Roulette: A Game of ControlSAT 110060
The Battle of Abu Klea (Men Who Would Be Kings system)SAT 1100240
Shores of TripoliSAT 1100120(was not streamed)
Last One Standing (pre-pub)SAT 1200120
Why You Don't Want Realistic Logistics in WargamesSAT 120060
By Stealth & SeaSAT 1300120(was not streamed)
LNLT: Heroes of NormandySAT 1300180(was not streamed)
Three Armies: Troop Quality in Defense of the PhilippinesSAT 130060
A Hot Dry SeasonSAT 1300240(was not streamed)
Et Sans RésultatSAT 1400180(was not streamed)
Brian Train Interview with No Enemies HereSAT 140060
Romance of the Seven Realms Teaching Game (Squadron Strike)SAT 1500240(was not streamed)
World War '85 - Storming the GapSAT 1500180https://www.twitch.tv/lnlp
Conflict of Heroes - France 1940SAT 1500120(was not streamed)
Naval Metaphors & Science FictionSAT 150090
DGS Games Interview, hosted by Moe's Game TableSAT 160060
White Eagle DefiantSAT 1700120
Bruce Maxwell Interview with Moe's Game TableSAT 180090
Epic Battle of Bastogne for Memoir '44SAT 1900240
Lock 'n Load Interview with No Enemies HereSAT 200060
OCS Bootcamp featuring Smolensk: Barbarossa DerailedSAT 2000240
Wargame BootcampSUN 1000120(was not streamed)
This War Without An EnemySUN 1000180(partial video coming)
Forlorn Hope - Song of Drums and ShakosSUN 1200120Partial video / tech trouble
Et Sans RésultatSUN 1200180(was not streamed)
World War '85 - Storming the GapSUN 1300120https://www.twitch.tv/lnlp
Conflict of Heroes - France 1940SUN 1300120(was not streamed)
The Great War - Q & A & Game Design with Dana LombardySUN 130060
300: Earth & WaterSUN 140060(was not streamed)
White Eagle DefiantSUN 1400120(was not streamed)
Pacific TideSUN 1400120(was not streamed)
Shores of TripoliSUN 1500120(was not streamed)
Happy Hour with Brant & ArdwulfSUN 170090


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