June 24, 2024

Registration Is Now Open for Connections Online 2022

Armchair Dragoons Public Affairs Office, 20 March 2022

Registration is now open and can be found through tabletop.events here
There is a help guide on how to create an account and finish registration available here


The currently-confirmed schedule is

Event NameEvent TypeDate & Time (EDT)Duration (mins)
Orientation to Professional WargamingExtended Seminar04-18 1200120
Wargame Bootcamp - Learn to Use Discord, VASSAL, TTSGame Session04-18 1600
Welcome & KeynoteCore Seminar04-19 100060
Innovations in Hobby WargamingCore Seminar04-19 1100120
Hiring New WargamersCore Seminar04-19 1300120
Wargaming Practitioner Certification: Necessary or not?Core Seminar04-19 150060
Connections Happy Hour & SocialExtended Seminar04-19 160060
Wargame Bootcamp - Learn to Use Discord, VASSAL, TTSGame Session04-19 1600180
Cyber-wargaming Using MerlinCore Seminar04-20 100060
How do you Design a Professional Wargame?Core Seminar04-20 1100120
Space Wargaming Essentials PanelCore Seminar04-20 1300120
Western Approaches Tactical Unit, RevisitedCore Seminar04-20 150060
The Falklands War ~ 40 Years Later, Panel DiscussionExtended Seminar04-20 1600120
Wargaming Large-Scale Combat OperationsExtended Seminar04-20 180060
Why Politics Matters ~ Wargaming PoliticsExtended Seminar04-20 1900120
Resources for Professional Development of WargamersCore Seminar04-21 100060
Wargaming Other Than WarCore Seminar04-21 1100120
Wargaming Outside the National Security SpaceCore Seminar04-21 1300120
The Essential Wargaming LibraryCore Seminar04-21 150060
Game-Based Learning & Student Involvement (HMGS)Extended Seminar04-21 1900120
The Falklands War ~ A Seminar GameGame Session04-21 1900180
Benefits of Wargames ~ The Dietz FoundationExtended Seminar04-22 1500120
NSDM Design-a-Game WorkshopExtended Seminar04-23 1000180
KriegsspielGame Session04-23 1100360
AftershockGame Session04-24 0900180
Event schedule as of 4/4 1700 EDT.

Core events will be broadcast live exclusively to registered participants, but will be available to view afterwards approx 1 week later. Extended events may not be broadcast at all.

Additional information on Connections Online can be found on our Connections page here
Additional information on our digital conventions can be found on our conventions page here


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3 thoughts on “Registration Is Now Open for Connections Online 2022

  1. I’d like to know a little more about “Wargaming Other Than War” so I can be thinking about some context before I show up.

    1. Official description is “A variety of commercial games have appeared over the years, with wargame-like mechanics, that portray situations that are not actual wars or kinetic conflicts. What the models and game engines behind some of these games?”

      Think of things like John Company or Nicea or Votes for Women or Westphalia

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