March 4, 2024

Scenes from GenCon 2019

Friends of the Dragoons, 4 August 2019

Just because we’re not at GenCon doesn’t mean we don’t have a recon element out there to keep you informed with some great photos at the show.  We’re still got some photos coming in from other friends, so check back with us for some updates.

First up, an old friend of the Regiment, making his first Armchair Dragoons contribution

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The guys at DGS Games held their first even GenCon Freeblades tournament. These guys have some of the coolest fantasy minis on the market today, and their sketchbooks on social media show that the next few months are going to include some outstanding releases.

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Getting a chance to play/test some pre-release and brand new games is part of what makes big conventions so cool.  Here’s the “Christian Fantasy tactical dungeon crawler” called Deliverance.

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There’s also all sorts of meetups and get-togethers that are organized through social media.  The Tavern group from Facebook got together and… uh, well…  they played games!  Michael sent along some additional photos from his wanderings, too.

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