May 23, 2024

Saturday Night Fights ~ The Battle of Leipzig (V) for “Blucher”

In Leipzig, a wargame began,
Covering battles with quite a long span.
The pieces moved slow,
Time seemed to just grow,
Lasting longer than the war ever ran.

Generals strategized with great might,
In the game, days turned into night.
But Leipzig’s real fight,
Ended much more tight,
A wargame prolonged, history’s slight.



  • Game system: Sam Mustafa’s Blucher, just like the title says, but someone will still ask about on social media because they don’t bother to read
  • Forum Thread: found here
  • More Info: Yes, Leipzig’s soccer team is named after an energy drink.


Don’t forget to pop in the Saturday Night Fights sub-forum on our site, where you can see what’s coming up and make requests for games. Plenty of the Dragoons are setting up all sorts of games, all the time.



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