May 19, 2024

24-Hour Gamers for Cures Board Game Marathon

Brant Guillory, 13 November 2023

We’ve covered this marathon event before, back in 2019, before COVID put the kibosh on the event for a few years.  Well, Gamer’s Armory brought it back, and the Gamers for Cures put on another great event.

First, a quick panoramic look at the store around 1pm on Saturday 11 November, with the obligatory distorted-people-walking-through-the-picture figures.

2024 24hr Games PANO


And here are a bunch scenes from the day, including a monster ASL scenario that was expected to finish around 2am, some of the play-to-win games that confer prizes on those who check them out to play, the actual 2-ft-tall Dark Tower set up for a game, this year’s shirts with their sponsors on the back, and the terrain room converted to a temporary lunch-staging station.

click images to enlarge


And yes, you were correct in noticing the absence of the raffle wall photos, because I am a dork that forgot to take them (even when I was in there putting my own raffle tickets into the drawing boxes!)

In an attempt to rectify that egregious error, please enjoy this photo of the Wall of ASL™ over in the wargame section of the store, where you can find all manner of MMP-produced ASL products, as well as other scenarios and support from Lone Canuck Publishing, the Tampa ASL club, Le Franc Tireur, Bounding Fire, and more.  And yes, they do mail order.

2024 24hr Games ASL 62

click image to really enlarge


There are already plans afoot for a possible monster wargame at next year’s event that runs overnight for a full 24-hour multiplayer experience with something truly giant table-sized.  We’ll let you know as we get closer and maybe you can join us.


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