June 24, 2024

Saturday Night Fights ~ The Battle of Leipzig (IX) for “Blucher”

In Leipzig, a game did unfold,
With digital soldiers, so bold,
Thousands did smash,
In a fierce pixel clash,
Where history’s tale was retold.

Each warrior, a code in the fray,
In a wargame’s intricate play,
With clicks and with taps,
They launched digital blasts,
Recreating that Leipzig display!

Yes, the video is incorrectly labeled as part 10 instead of part 9


  • Game system: Sam Mustafa’s Blucher, maybe our most-played minis rules
  • Forum Thread: (just checking) Nope, hasn’t moved
  • More Info: Which of the following were not represented at the Battle of Leipzig?
    Saxony, Baden, Warsaw, Danehalt, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Westphalia, Naples, Saxony, Württemberg (answer next week)


Don’t forget to pop in the Saturday Night Fights sub-forum on our site, where you can see what’s coming up and make requests for games. Plenty of the Dragoons are setting up all sorts of games, all the time.


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