May 21, 2024

Saturday Night Fights ~ The Battle of Waterloo (III) for “Valour and Fortitude”

In Waterloo’s field, where valor did contend,
Amidst the clash of armies, fierce and grand,
A grievous absence, like a bitter strand,
Lamented by the hearts that did attend.

Oh, wherefore did the Dragoons not appear,
With shining armor and their noble steeds?
Their absence, like a wound that deeply bleeds,
Did leave the battle’s fate all too unclear.

No charging hooves upon the earth did sound,
No thunderous clash of swords upon the field,
No gallant riders, helmets and shields,
To turn the tide and victory resound.

Alas, the Dragoons, a force untamed,
Were absent, and their absence shall be named.

Their absence robbed the battle of its grace,
No banners waving proudly in the breeze,
No riders charging with commanding ease,
Their absence left a void, a bleak embrace.

Oh, what could Waterloos’ outcome have been,
If Dragoons had joined the fateful fray?
Would history have turned a different way,
And victory been found through their serene?

But fate, relentless mistress, played her hand,
And Dragoons stayed far from that fated place,
Their absence a lament, a vast disgrace,
A vacant space, where valor could not stand.

Yet still, their memory shall forever thrive,
Though absent, they shall in our hearts survive.



Don’t forget to pop in the Saturday Night Fights sub-forum on our site, where you can see what’s coming up and make requests for games. Plenty of the Dragoons are setting up all sorts of games, all the time.



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