May 23, 2024

Saturday Night Fights! ~ “Sniper!” (2) for “Charlie Don’t Surf!”

Through jungles dense, we tread in fear,
The lieutenant lost, his face a smear
Of worry, confusion, and doubt,
As we search for tunnels, in and out.

His map’s a mess, his compass spins,
In this labyrinth of earth, where darkness grins.
Each turn we take, a gamble made,
In this deadly game where lives are paid.

But still we march, through mud and mire,
Our hearts afire with determined desire.
To find those tunnels, hidden deep,
Where secrets lie, and dangers creep.

Though lost we may be, in this foreign land,
We’ll press on together, hand in hand.
For in the chaos, amidst the strife,
We’ll find our way, to light and life.




Don’t forget to pop in the Saturday Night Fights sub-forum on our site, where you can see what’s coming up and make requests for games. Plenty of the Dragoons are setting up all sorts of games, all the time.



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