July 18, 2024

More New Stuff Than You Were Expecting ~ #TuesdayNewsday

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Disagreement & discussion are undoubtedly signs of a healthy community of discourse, where varying opinions and perspectives are given opportunities to be heard and evaluated by the members of the community.  Wargaming is no different.  However, the recent discourse in the wargaming community has turned problematic, on a couple of specific points.

First, let’s at least get the basic facts right.  We’re not talking about variations on opinions or personal choices for definitions.  Solid, definitive, can-look-up-the-correct-answer facts.  If you have to resort to telling lies to bolster your argument, then your argument is not worth making.

Second, if you’re going to get mad, at least get mad at the right person.  You have a problem with a review that someone wrote?  Fine.  Yell at that person, not someone else who wandered into your field of fire that day.  You don’t like what someone said on a live broadcast?  Get mad at that person, not the other people that were on the show.  But if you can’t specifically quote or cite the exact problem you have with another member of the community, don’t extend your field of fire to start including targets of convenience, because you end up looking like an drunken recruit on the machine gun range, madly spraying rounds everywhere in the hopes that you get lucky and hit something.

Third, quit making straw men out of someone else’s statements.  If you can’t quote the exact statement then go look it up.  It’s a second cousin to lying in support of your argument – if you have to exaggerate to comical extremes to make your point, it’s not worth making.  Along those lines, “some” ≠ “all” and “maybe” ≠ “definitely” and “perhaps” ≠ “absolutely” and “consider” ≠ “you must”.

Finally, if you resort to the last-ditch defence of “but, but, but . . .  that person does it too!” then congratulations, you sound like a 5-year-old.

Disagree all you want.  But do it from a starting point of (1) factual accuracy, and (2) with the person who actually said the thing you disagree with.  Otherwise you just come across as ill-informed, foolish, and childish.


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Peter Perla 200 240Following the passing of Dr Peter Perla, this year’s Connections Online conference will be dedicated to his memory and the foundational contributions he made to the field.

Additionally, the family released the following statement around his funeral

In lieu of flowers, Peter’s family suggests memorials be made to Duquesne University, as a scholarship fund is being established in his name. Donations may be sent to Duquesne University, Advancement Services, 305C Administration Building, Pittsburgh, PA 15282, ATTN: Peter Perla Scholarship Fund. Donations may also be made online at www.duq.edu/giving, in memory of Peter Perla.

Armchair Dragoons have donated $50 toward this fund, and encourage the rest of the regiment to pitch in whatever they can.


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Have a chuckle


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This week’s releases that you’ll want to know about

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Getcher orders in now and then either (a) wait for it impatiently, or (b) forget your ordered it and be surprised later!


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Saving money? Spending just as much but getting more for it?


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This week’s best written coverage from the wargaming world


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The best videos this week from our wargaming friends


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Various news & notes from the business end of the gaming world

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  • Compass Games latest town hall was last Thursday


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Mentioned in Dispatches is back!  Season 12 started this past week, and away we go . . . Podcast 500 Splash S12


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Don’t forget to check our consolidated event & convention calendar for more!
You can also submit your own events for our calendar here.


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Focusing on the practitioner world ~ don’t forget about our dedicated area in our forums for the wargame professionals!


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Something neat from outside the wargaming world we thought was worth sharing


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  1. Disagreement: don’t know what/who you are referring to, but I admit I am often not paying attention, and if I can’t think of a current example I can think of previous ones… anyway, you’re not wrong.

    The Frantics: one of Canada’s best cultural exports! One of them went on to do The Red Green Show, and one did Puppets Who Kill, a show I think you might like. This one’s my favourite: https://youtu.be/FT_NH_nspRs

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