May 21, 2024

Dragoons Assembly Update – Events selling out!

Armchair Dragoon Public Affairs Office, 16 July 2020

And Brave Little Belgium is the first game to sell out all its events!

Other games filling up fast?

  • COH: France 1940 on Friday is almost full, but there are seats open on Saturday.
  • W@W’85 on Friday night only has 1 seat left, but there’s plenty of space on Saturday
  • LNLT: Airborne on Saturday at noon is almost full, but there’s room on Friday.
  • GCACW: Cedar Mountain has 2 seats left for the Friday iteration, but Saturday is full.

We have plenty of seats for both of the EPIC scale games from our good buddy Cyrano

  • Prokhorovka, using the Memoir ’44 system, with 4 players/side
  • Salamanca, a massive C&C:Napoleonics game, also with 4 players/side

Don’t forget that Academy is offering a special “learn to play” session for Conflict of Heroes that can hold up to 20 people on Saturday morning.  So come learn to play early, then come back later to play!

What are you waiting for?!  Get registered now!

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