July 18, 2024

Live games everywhere! – #TuesdayNewsday 7/27/21

Every week, #TuesdayNewsday gives you a madcap romp thru what’s important in the strategy gaming world  >>>

This Week’s Headline:

Look, if you’re looking for something to play these days, and can’t find it, it’s kind of your own fault.

Basically, we’ve got games all over the place.  Go join one!


On Sale This Week:

  • Easy Roller Dice Company has their “Surprise Me” packs on sale right now. If you use BOGOLIVE at checkout, you get one free pack for every one you order, with no limit.  Get your Christmas Shopping done early!
  • LNLP Has Atlantic Storm Admiral’s Edition on sale right now for $42.
  • Avalanche Press has a “birthday sale” going on that’ll save you 20% off everything with BURROUGHS as the coupon code.
  • OSG has Four Lost Battles on sale for over $30 off. This box covers the Fall 1813 campaign, including Katzbach and Dennewitz.
  • Paradox has March of the Eagles on sale at 75% off, so you can grab it for $5.
  • The Gamer’s Armory has NATO, Designer Signature Edition in stock and on sale for only $68.
  • S&T’s game-edition magazine sale this week is S&T #321, featuring Paratrooper: Great Airborne Assaults, Korea for only $20
  • C3i Ops Center store has a bunch of game-cover posters on sale for $20 each.


Newly Released This Week:

  • More Dinosaurs, Please – the expansion to Dinosaur Table Battles – has escaped its enclosure at Hollandspiele and is now available.  Amabel takes to Twitter to talk extensively about the game.
  • Paper Wars #98, featuring First Blood in the Crimea: The Battle of the Alma, 20 September 1854, is now available.

Newly Launched This Week:



This Week With The Armchair Dragoons:


News From The Wargame Industry:


Something From Our Partners:


The Professional & Practitioner Wargaming World:

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That’s all for this week!
Be sure to drop by our forums and join the fun, and next Tuesday we’ll drop some more news on you.

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